Zimbabwe police seek newspaper ban during Covid-19 lockdown

Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga

By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE police are seeking a ban on journalists who do not work for Zanu PF linked broadcasting media during the current national lockdown period which has seen authorities decree a halt in all forms of business except for those offering essential services.

This came out during arguments placed by the Attorney General, representing police in a case in which media rights lobby, Misa-Zimbabwe – on behalf of journalists – is seeking the courts’ protection during a time scribes are being harassed for allegedly violating the Covid-19 induced job and business break.

Tweeted the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Friday;



In High Court, Zim Police Commissioner-General says journalists should stay indoors at home&be bound by national lockdown regulations as they are not providers of an essential service&only journalists from “broadcasting services”&”internet” are exempted




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Top journalist, Brezh Malaba also tweeted.

Zimbabwe’s broadcasting media is viewed as sympathetic to the Zanu PF led government and does not put government policies under scrutiny.

During the lockdown period set to end this coming Sunday, private media journalists have been arrested and harassed by police for allegedly violating government’s lockdown.

Government has in the past years opened up the airwaves to media empires viewed sympathetic to the ruling party.

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