Zim lesbian couple ties knot in Kenya

A lesbian couple from Zimbabwe is by far the highlight of social media after photos of their dreamy wedding made rounds on social media.

The two beauties planted a kiss on each other as they seemed to enjoy every moment of their intimate gesture.

In various photos shared on Facebook, the brides wore different outfits as one of them looked completely pretty in a white, figure hugging lace dress which hugged her in all the right places.

The other bride donned a blue suit and a pair of flashy black official shoes as she had her dreads tucked up in a bun.

Completely carried away by their love, the two clutched onto each other in a tight embrace as they started to live out their life as a married couple.

However, as happy as they were, most of social media users could just not stand the sight of two women sucking face on the internet.

A few religious clerics prophesied an eternal damnation for the couple as they stated woman was not created to love her fellow woman.

Most netizens stated the couple was slowly welcoming a thread of curses to their lives thanks to their bold declaration of love.

According to many people, Africa is not a place for what they termed as a misplaced love interest. Others simply dared the couple to consummate their marriage and give rise to a baby.

If that happened, they were willing to accept the relationship as a natural and normal thing.

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