Widow (18) in soup for bush sex 3 months after killing hubby

MBERENGWA – Traditionally conservative Mberengwa District has seen an 18-year-old widow being taken to court for indulging in sex three months after killing her hubby.

Chief Maziofa confirmed that he had summoned Nicolette Hove of Chimanga Village to his traditional court for having sex with a neighbour Jetro Gumbo before the stone unveiling of her late husband.

Hove was caught by her husband’s aunt Aleta Mabena having sex with Jetro Gumbo in the bush on Friday last week.

He said that a woman must wait for one year after the death of her husband before she can have sex.

He said it was therefore taboo for Hove whose husband died three months ago to have sex.

Wadzanai Chirongoma a legal practitioner and human rights activist said Hove did nothing wrong according to the law.

“She committed no crime at all because a marriage contract ends when one part dies. If the traditional court finds her guilty she can appeal to the magistrate court who will throw away the ruling,” said Chirongoma.

“I am summoning Hove and Gumbo to my court for failing to adhere to tradition. It is taboo for a woman to have sex before one year of the death of her husband,” said Chief Maziofa.

The fine for the crime can be two beasts or some goats depending on whether the deceased husband had paid lobola.

Ironically, Hove accidentally stabbed and killed her husband Tafadzwa Mabhena with a knife when they were fighting.

Hove who allegedly killed the husband when she was still 17 years was remanded out of custody by Magistrate Shepherd Munjanja and will appear in court on March 4, 2018.

Hove and Gumbo were allegedly caught by the aunt who followed them after they sneaked into a bush and she surprised them after they started having sex. Gumbo quickly put on his clothes and made good his escape.

The Mirror spoke to Hove who said that she got involved in the relationship because she was lonely.

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