VP Chiwenga claims wife is a witch, drug addict and mentally unstable

By Staff Reporter

VICE PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga has made sensational claims his estranged wife, Marry practised sorcery, was a drug addict and had hallucinations which rendered her mentally unstable.

For those reasons, the VP claimed, the ex-model was wrong candidate to stay with the couple’s children.

Chiwenga was responding to a court suit filed by Marry who claimed her husband abducted the couple’s minor children and also barred her from accessing the Borrowdale, Harare family home upon her release from remand prison recently.

Marry Mubaiwa, is on remand for attempted murder, fraud and money laundering.

The VP claimed his wife performed rituals at his Borrowdale Brooke home and brought in “witch doctors”.

“My clothes in some cases were heaped together and sprayed by applicant with some unknown substances.

“I had to take the children away to cleanse them of memories of the horrors they experienced,” he said.

It was argued that there was medical evidence suggesting Mubaiwa was unfit to take custody of the children.

“The medical affidavit on Page 12 is very clear.

“The doctor concluded that she (Marry) should be under the care of a physician, a surgeon and a psychiatrist.

“It is indicated that she has flashbacks, suffers from lack of sleep and has difficulties in breathing, symptoms of illicit drug abuse.

“Applicant cannot be trusted with children in the circumstances. While she cannot be precluded from being with and seeing the children, the court must balance the scales as there is need for both parents to continuously be with the children in order to ensure an unabused welfare,” he said.

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