By Nkosana Dlamini

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says party leader Nelson Chamisa was Sunday targeted for yet another assassination attempt by unknown assailants after explosives were hurled at his convoy as he made his way into Gadzema Grounds, venue for his Chinhoyi rally held Sunday.

In a statement Sunday, party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere narrated the ordeal and further condemned what she described as a cowardly act.

“As the motorcade of our Change Champion in Chief, Adv Nelson Chamisa approached the entrance of the venue, a silver sedan vehicle AFA 1651 sped past and threw explosives at the convoy.

“This incident happened hours after petrol bombs had been thrown at the venue last night as our advance team was setting up for today’s gathering.

“We condemn this cowardly act.”

Mahere added, “After the detonation of thee explosives, the security team immediately intensified security at all entry points of the venue to safeguard against a further security breach inside the venue.

“The security team further had to manage the panicked crowd which was trying to run to safety.”

Mahere said the incident was part of a relentless attempt by the enemy to assassinate the opposition leader.

“The latest assassination attempt comes barely a month after two similar threats on the life of Adv Chamisa in Wedza and Gokwe Kabuyuni respectively.

“The attack follows the death threats against Adv Chamisa and the CCC by Zanu PF leaders including Abton Mashayanyika whose incitement to violence was caught on camera but no arrests have taken place,” she said.

Chamisa, who commands the largest following judging by the size of crowds that attend party rallies and past election results, poses the most realistic chance to upstage President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the country’s elections next year.

However, drama has followed the opposition chief’s countrywide rallies, with party activists and journalists routinely attacked by suspected Zanu PF supporters.

There have been few arrests on the culprits.

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