Sick Mugabe, Tsvangirai unqualified for 2018: Nkosana Moyo

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FORMER Industry Minister and 2018 presidential hopeful, Nkosana Moyo says President Robert Mugabe and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai were too ill to stand for any election next year.

He was speaking Friday during a low key engagement meeting with youths in Harare at Moto Republic, a private venue that is a stone’s throw from State House.

The Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) frontman lamented African politics he said were far removed from those practised in developed countries where leaders would automatically fall out of any presidential race if they had any health challenges.

“You know that we put a get-well message to President Morgan Tsvangirai. Realistically, both President Mugabe and President Tsvangirai are unwell.

“These are things that people are going to consider as we look into it. If this was in the US, just on the basis of health alone, they would not qualify to run,” Moyo said.

President Mugabe has kept his ailment a closely guarded secret although there are wide beliefs he suffers from prostate cancer.

The 93-year-old leader has spent millions of scarce foreign currency flying out to Singapore to receive some treatment.

His spokesperson George Charamba has defended the veteran leader’s unpopular decision to visit foreign doctors saying there was everything correct with seeking specialised treatment found outside.

Tsvangirai, similarly, is battling colon cancer which has left a lot of doubt over his capabilities to see through a rigorous 2018 campaign schedule.

Reports say he has been airlifted to South Africa again following his deteriorating health.

In his comments, Moyo said he sincerely believed the two must exit the political arena adding that he harboured no ill-feelings against fellow Africans who were not feeling well.

Moyo said he still had respect for the two politicians he credited for contributing a lot in their different ways during the country’s different political eras.

“As we campaign, our view is that we do not make personalised comments about either President Mugabe or Mr Tsvangirai. Because we think that is wrong. It fails also to value their contribution.

“I am saying these gentlemen are not as qualified as I am to help Zimbabwe recover in terms of the economy but what I have never said is that they have not made a valued contribution,” Moyo said.

“President Mugabe has absolutely contributed in getting us where we are. Mr Tsvangirai has made a major contribution in MDC in making Zimbabwean citizens wake up to their responsibility to face up to their government and disagree when necessary.

“This has come to fruition largely because of their actions,” he said, but still insisting they must admit their eras have passed.

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