New twist to Mugabe death ‘prophecy’

By Staff Reporter

PROTEST preacher and fierce anti-Mugabe campaigner Pastor Patrick Mugadza (pictured) says God has postponed the 93-year-old leader’s death day he once predicted was going to fall on the 17th of October this year.

Describing God as an activist like himself, Mugadza said the President’s death this year would have meant his burial at the national shrine, an honour he said was not befitting of a leader who has introduced a “Ministry of Whatsapp” to pry on his people’s private communication.

“It was brought to me to say that there has been a postponement of the prophetic word which I had spoken in the month of January 2017,” Mugadza said in a Whatsapp voice recording on Sunday.

He added: “As to why God postponed that, he never told me that so I really don’t know why God chose that direction.

“I know many people were actually expecting the fulfilment of the prophetic word because of what is happening in this nation.

“This can only be speculation as to why it happened and how it got to be like that.

“Well as an individual and maybe as an activist, I can only say maybe God has chosen to be an activist also. What I am meaning to say is that there is something that has got to be happening maybe before he (Mugabe) goes because if he had died and like on the 17th as it was declared and said, then that was going to mean to say that he was most likely going to be buried at the National Heroes Acre and I think that was going to be an unfortunate situation.

“…We cannot bury a man like him at the heroes acre, a man who establishes a ministry of Whatsapp, a ministry of Facebook, a Ministry of Twitter.

“…You can’t really say that kind of a man is a hero. So I strongly believe that this time around since he is now on death row anything can happen anytime so it will definitely mean that he will not be buried at the heroes acre.”

The defiant cleric, who denies being a prophet, also said God had revealed to him the State will set “some dogs” on him.

He vowed to continue defying intimidation while fighting for what he believed was right.

Mugadza urged local prophets with huge following to cast away their fears and predict the exact date and time the President was going to die.

This, he said, would place the Zimbabwean leader under emotional pressure so that he also did not find peace in his life.

The Remnant Church preacher urged Zanu PF’s destruction for allegedly bringing a lot of suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans.

Mugadza has been arrested a number of times often during his one-man demonstrations against the Zimbabwean leader.

He was in January this year jailed for 55 days for his Mugabe death prophesy.

Mugadza is not the only cleric who has predicted President Mugabe’s death.

Malawian prophet Austin Liabunya January 2015 said the veteran leader’s biological clock was not going to “tick beyond 2015”.

One time outspoken Roman Catholic cleric Pius Ncube once said he was praying for the Zimbabwean strongman’s death. Mugabe was 84 at the time.

But President Mugabe has often scoffed at the prophesies which have also been accompanied by his death rumours each time he flew out of the country on his annual month long vacations beginning of the year.

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