Mugabe ordered Jonathan Moyo arrest over cosy Grace relations – ex-Zacc official

Ex-Minister Jonathan Moyo

By Nkosana Dlamini

Former Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) commissioner and Zanu PF loyalist, Goodson Nguni says late ex-President Robert Mugabe personally ordered his minister, Jonathan Moyo’s arrest on alleged corruption 2016 after the now exiled politician became too cosy with his wife, Grace for all the wrong reasons.

The directive on Moyo, then Higher and Tertiary Education minister, also involved similar arrests on Moyo’s then deputy Godrey Gandawa and Walter Mzembi, who was Foreign Affairs minister.

Moyo and Gandawa were accused of embezzling Zimdef funds while Mzembi also faced corruption related offences he allegedly committed when he still headed the tourism ministry.

“Mugabe is actually the one who wrote to Zacc saying ‘arrest Jonathan Moyo, arrest Godfrey Gandawa and Walter Mzembi’,” Nguni told Zimstar News Tuesday.

The three skipped the country November 2017 when Mugabe was overthrown by the military which later installed the now incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Nguni said as a “small” Zacc official at the time, there was nowhere he could set Mugabe’s ministers on fire when the once fierce leader was still in charge.

“How was it possible that a small guy like me could just go after Mugabe’s ministers without the permission of the President,” he said.

“Mugabe ordered that Zacc investigators be allowed to arrest him at Zanu PF HQ where Moyo was attending a politburo meeting.”

He added, “Mugabe did not like Jonathan Moyo. He saw him as an American spy. He kept him closer so that he could use him against Mnangagwa.”

Narrating events when Moyo had been summoned to Zacc offices which were in Harare’s Mount Pleasant at the time, Nguni said Moyo was grilled by one official, daughter to Mai Gumbo Chuma, Grace’s sister.

Moyo is said to have pitched up with some bodyguards who were all ordered to leave the premises when their boss was being roasted by the graft busting unit.

Moyo, Gandawa and Mzembi deny any criminal acts during their time in office while claiming persecution by Mnangagwa whom they were fiercely opposed to his takeover as President.

Nguni distanced Mnangagwa from any arrests on his party rivals at the time.

“The current president was never involved in the investigations on Moyo or Gandawa or Mzembi.

“Zacc received written requests to investigate from the office of Mugabe. The letters were addressed to the chairman of the commission,” he said.

Asked how Mugabe could order the arrest of ministers who seemed fighting in his corner during the fierce scramble for party control just before his shock ouster 2017, Nguni said, “Mugabe believed that the three ministers were too close to his wife and were advising her badly and abusing state resources using her name”.

Nguni said he met Mugabe face to face only twice in his (Nguni) life and it is on the second occasion that the former state leader enquired about the status of Moyo’s arrest.

When it appeared Zacc was dragging its feet in investigating and taking Moyo to court, Nguni said, “Mugabe asked, ‘mava papi nemukomana uyu anemusoro unenge damba’.”

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