Mugabe land grab defender Jonathan Moyo’s own farm seized

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EXILED former minister, Jonathan Moyo, once fierce defender of government’s land grab policy in the last decade, has suffered similar fate with his Mazowe farm repossessed by the same authorities for alleged failure to put the property into productive use.

The property, named Patterson Farm, is 622 9125 hectares big.

Moyo has filed papers with the High Court seeking to stop the reversal of a Lands Minister Perence Shiri’s withdrawal of the offer letter issued to him by government 2001.

At the time, Moyo was Information Minister who launched a strong defence of then President Robert Mugabe’s violent land grab policy in which over 5000 white farmers lost their land under the ostensible government bid to distribute the country’s greatest resource equitably.

Nearly two decades later, Moyo now plays victim and is adamant he was being stampeded off the property for “political” reasons.

Moyo became rivals with incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa after the former Tsholotsho lawmaker mounted a fierce campaign to block the former from succeeding Mugabe.

He was forced to skip the country when Mugabe was ousted by Mnangagwa via a November 2017 military led coup.
Moyo says claims his farm was not being utilised were false.

He also claims he actually bought the property.

“The decision implicates a breach of administrative law standards in that it is substantively unreasonable in the extreme and constitutes state sanctioned theft,” Moyo says in court papers filed through his lawyers.

Moyo added, “The withdrawal of the offer letter is based on material falsehoods of a concocted alleged under-utilisation of the land which does not take into account the manner in which the State has sought to sabotage my investment for cheap political ends.

“No account was made, in breach of my proprietary rights, to take into account the close to a million dollars investment that I have sunk into the farming project.”

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