Mugabe congratulates new President Mnangagwa

FORMER President Robert Mugabe has finally swallowed his pride and accepted Emmerson Mnangagwa as legitimate President in a letter he sent to the country’s leader Sunday.

In his acceptance speech during his inauguration, Mnangagwa began by reading the contents of Mugabe’s letter in which the ex-leader revealed the former first couple were battling ill-health.

“May I read to you the letter I have received from former President Robert Mugabe,” Mangagwa said as he went on to read the contents, which were, “His Excellency, Cde ED Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Your Excellency, thank you for your invitation to me and my wife to attend the inauguration ceremony. My wife is not well in Singapore and also I am not well so I am sending my daughter and her husband to represent us. Hearty congratulations, R.G Mugabe.”

Bona and husband Innocent Chikore cast a conspicuous scene at the event.

Mugabe’s letter was a big climbdown from the former leader’s vows since his November ouster in a military coup he was never going to accept Mnangagwa as legitimate president.

In a media address on the eve of the July 30 elections which gave Mnangagwa his first ever mandate as the country’s leader, Mugabe vowed he was not going to vote for his “tormentors” as he went on to claim he was being monitored and harassed together with his relatives by the new regime.

In all Mugabe’s rants, Mnangagwa has refrained from speaking badly about his former boss.

However, despite his previous refusal to accept Mnangagwa as President, Mugabe acknowledged the July 30 election were going to produce a legitimate state leader.

He has not yet commented about the credibility of an election in which losing MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has dismissed as a sham.

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