More nightmare for UK based returning Zimbos, no water at Belvedere

The UK based Zimbabweans arrived on an Ethiopian Airways flight

By Staff Reporter

THE 65 Zimbabweans who have been forcibly taken to Belvedere Teachers College for compulsory 21-day quarantine upon return from the UK have refused to enter the hostels while complaining about lack of running water at the institution.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, all returning residents are supposed to go through 21 days of mandatory quarantine away from their homes.

Top journalist Brezh Malaba, who is closely following the developments, described the situation as a tense.

“I’m in touch with the Ethiopian Airlines passengers who are refusing to be quarantined at Belvedere College. They’re complaining about water & sanitation: there’s no running water & they’re opposed to the idea of sharing bathrooms. They’re sitting outside. It’s a tense stand off,” Malaba said.


Earlier, Information ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana posted on Twitter saying the Zimbabwean nationals were refusing to be accommodated at the Harare teachers’ training college.

Staff Reporter

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