Mnangagwa brags about Grace, G40 ‘cleansing’

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday boasted about driving out his enemies from Zanu PF but was quick to admit some were still within the ruling party’s ranks.

The Zanu PF presidential candidate was addressing a campaign rally attended by thousands of party followers outside Marondera’s Rudhaka Stadium.

Mnangagwa said leaders should not take people for granted as they were the ones who were behind the power that they enjoyed.

“The entire leadership of Zanu PF is a servant leadership. The masters in Zanu PF are the people. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

“That is what was demonstrated in November last year,” he said.

Mnangagwa was referring to the November 18 scenes that saw multitudes take to the streets countrywide to demonstrate support for an army seizure of government from then leader Robert Mugabe.

At the time, Mugabe had made a lot of enemies even within his own party after putting up a spirited push to elevate his wife, Grace, self-styled commander of the infamous G40, to the position of Vice President.

This came to naught when he was ousted in a coup.

“All that is not needed in the party,” Mnangagwa said to party followers Saturday.

“Zanu PF has capacity of cleansing itself. It cleansed itself and we are back to working together in the spirit of what we know the party is about; which preaches unity, which preaches friendliness, which preaches love, which preaches that whoever it is that is Zimbabwean is Zimbabwean, must be respected and must be given opportunities in their country.

“This is the Zanu PF that I am referring to. Not that which encourages insulting each other. These are G40 that I a referring to. They have not fully been ejected.”




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