MDC warns of a police machete trap at party HQ

MDC deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka

By Staff Reporter

MDC says it has been warned of an intended police attempt to plant some machetes at the party’s headquarters in Harare this Friday to create grounds for a crackdown on the main opposition party.

This was revealed Friday by party deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka.

“We have gathered from impeccable sources within the regime that the police intend to siege Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House today (Friday) in a desperate bid to plant machetes and justify their unwarranted crackdown on the party’s legitimate activities,” Tamborinyoka said.

“They are on a desperate witch-hunt and are frantically seeking to portray the MDC, the people’s party, as a rogue organization.

“The police have been illegally cracking down on the party’s legitimate programmes, proscribing innocent party activities, arresting the party leadership and stopping Zimbabweans from peacefully expressing themselves in line with the country’s Constitution.

“We understand the police are seeking a search warrant in order to use their presence at the headquarters of the people’s party so as to plant machetes and portray the MDC as a criminal organization.

“The desperate attempts will not wash.”

Zimbabweans in many parts of the country are now living in fear of machete wielding gangs responsible for hacking down a number of innocent villagers to death.

A seemingly new phenomenon in the country, the machete gangs have been linked to some top Zanu PF politicians keen on controlling some mining claims within the lucrative sector.

In November last year, police claimed they had discovered a cache of anti-riot helmets from a privately owned Harare CBD building located next to the MDC’s main headquarters.

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