MDC-T MP demands Mugabe t-shirts

By Staff Reporter

MDC-T legislator James Maridadi Thursday dared Zanu PF to allow him to pass on ex-President Robert Mugabe’s t-shirts to people in his constituency after it emerged a consignment full of t-shirts with the once popular leader’s images were now destined for the dustbin following his ouster in November last year.

Maridadi, who is Tafara-Mabvuku MP, said in a tirade he directed at Zanu PF MPs in parliament that Mugabe’s former fanatical followers among MPs were hypocrites for ditching the disgraced former ruler with speed for his successor.

These, he said, included Buhera South MP, Joseph Chinotimba who went as far as calling former First Lady Grace Mugabe a prostitute after her husband had fallen from grace.

“Madam Speaker, today we were told there are hoards and hoards of t-shirts printed RG Mugabe with a signature,” Maridadi said while contributing to a motion to congratulate new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa for ascending to President.

“Now they do not even know what to do with those t-shirts. It is because people are hypocrites. I am challenging Zanu PF today to give me those t-shirts so that I can give them to the less privileged people of Mabvuku and Tafara. I am challenging you because you do not want them. Give them to me.”

Maridadi also scorned Zanu PF MPs for using the former Grace’s images on their cars in attempts to curry favour with the former first family.

“Madam Speaker, just two weeks before Honourable Mnangagwa became President here, this car park was full of cars which had the signature of President Mugabe and the face of Grace Mugabe with the words ‘Munhu wese kuna amai’.

“We have videos here of people three days after Honourable Mnangagwa was fired saying ‘Munhu wese kuna amai’, but they are the same people who almost climbed on the President (Mnangagwa) when he came here. Literally climbed on him. What nonsense is that?”

Maridadi lambasted Chinotimba, another one time Mugabe fanatic, for saying Grace was a prostitute in a video of the hilarious lawmaker that went viral when Mugabe was forced to resign under military pressure last November.

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