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By Piniel Denga ( MDC Mash East Provincial Chairperson)

MDC is a party that was formed on the basis of democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism. When the MDC was launched in September 1999 we all celebrated the formation of a pro-poor political party. Even people from my small home town of Chivhu celebrated the coming in of the new people centred party which most believed was going to remove the bad governance and corruption which had engulfed the whole country because of the Zanu pf misrule.

What I don’t understand is whether the word democracy is meant for Western countries only or its meant for everyone who likes to practice it. I have noted that as third world and African countries in general, and Zimbabwe in particular, it is a trend that we talk of democratic principles but we practise dictatorship.

For the 18 years before the death of our founding father, our late icon Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai we were running our party according to our constitution holding our congresses on time. Our anniversaries and all other programs accorded by our constitution were being held according to our constitution.

MDC members and supporters have lost life, properties and livestock. Some have broken limbs. Some were raped and infected with HIV. All this was in the process of fighting for change. Today things have changed in the party because of people who don’t want to follow the party constitution.

I know people will call me names but what I want to assure you is that since the formation of this party I was there. I witnessed the split of 2005 when Prof Ncube went with a breakaway group and he was labelled Zanu pf. I also witnessed Biti splitting the party in 2014 after the 2013 general election. He was also labelled Zanu pf. When these two came back to the party they were celebrated but no one asked them to renounce their Zanu pf membership as was alleged when they split. No one asked them to take back their words against our now late President. Biti called him “gumbura’ and Ncube called him a dictator.

These leaders said many unprintable bad words against our party and our late leader. When they went away they took with them party asserts and money and every one knows it. And every one knows when they came back they did not bring back what they took with them.

After the Supreme Court judgment that said things were not done according to our constitution we have one group of leadership which is calling for us to implement our own constitution. However, there is another group of leadership that are afraid that if things are done according to our constitution they might lose their influential party positions.

This group of leaders is now going about labelling, as Zanu Pf, those who say lets follow the constitution. Are we serious to say that if any one of us says lets follow our constitution he has become a Zanu PF apologist? Did Zanu Pf write our constitution for us? Is it not true that, Advocate Chamisa through his laywer in the Supreme Court case, agreed that the constitution that was being used was the correct constitution of the party? That is the same constitution that other leaders are saying lets follow in line with the Supreme Court ruling.

Leaders are supposed to show followers the right way of doing things. Its shameful to have leaders encouraging followers to disregard rules they are all bound to because it affects the leaders’ personal interests. Please, as Chairperson of Mashonaland East, I urge our national leadership to follow our ground rules.

Its dishonest to start telling followers today that our party is now called MDC Alliance. When was our party dissolved in terms of our constitution? Why were primary elections in constituencies allocated to Biti’s PDP and Ncube’s MDC not open to those from MDC T as left by Morgan Tsvangirai? Why did you take us to Gweru saying it was the 5th Congress of the MDC if the party had now become MDC Alliance? Why did Advocate Chamisa appeal against the High court ruling if the ruling had nothing to do with our party? Dishonest leadership will not take the party anywhere.

On the 20th of April 2020 I asked one of our leaders Mr Hwende a simple question. The question was if the Supreme Court had ruled in favour of us not following our constitution was he not going to accept the ruling? If that was the ruling it means he was going to retain the position of Secretary General. Now the judiciary says follow your constitution and some leaders are saying it has to do with Zanu pf.

This is dishonest and a sign of poor leadership. Would it not be a clear sign of judicial capture if the judiciary had ruled against us following our own constitution? Mr Hwende did not answer my question. As a response I started seeing my message to him being circulated in social media groups. I was also removed from the National Executive whatsapp group and some leaders calling me a sellout.

If following our party constitution is selling out then I accept being a sellout in that respect. I am selling out dishonesty and unconstitutionalism. We must follow our constitution. The reason why we have a constitution is because we have to do our things in a proper manner as a democratic party.

Democracy is about airing your views without coercion. During our late president Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership people could speak freely and people could debate without fear or favour. But what is happening now is people are being forced to write solidarity messages to swear allegiance to an individual.

That is nonsense because people are not doing it from their hearts but out of fear of being victimised. Its fooling yourselves to think it will work. During mudhara Tsvangirai’s era PATAITI CHERO MUKAPONDA SEI BABA TIRI PACHIRANGANO it was from the heart not from threats. All those affidavits are nothing if it is not coming from the heart. Let me tell you MDC members and leaders, “ZVIYA ZVEKUIMBA HANA NGAIROVE HANA PARUFU PRESIDENT TSVANGIRAI VASATI VAVIGWA. NYAYA DZEDU DZEKUGARA USHE MAMBO VASATI VAVIGWA. NDOCHINONZI CHIPINI PANYIKA” Now Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House is just a name for the build but nothing to show of him. All his posters were pulled down. No legacy to show of him.

His history is now a lip song. I will stand with my icon. I will stand with TSVANGIRAI’S LEGACY. We have Zanu pf in our structures in the form of G40 and no one sees anything wrong with that in leadership. Why should we make the people who tormented us, the people who tormented our late president Tsvangirai, as our leaders.

Who doesn’t know what Bhasikiti did to our people in Mwenezi, what Jaboon did to our people in Bikita, what Shadrech Mashayamombe did to our people in Harare South and what Jim Kunaka and his Chipangano did to our people in Harare. We can forgive but we can not forget. These people will always be Zanu. They are just a faction of Zanu and when its convenient for them to go back they will go. Zanu pf people can not overnight come and become our leaders. No machinja NO! I will fight Zanu pf to the bitter end.

Imposition of structures and night congress rigging have contributed to what we are today Lets follow our constitution. Lets go to our extra ordinary Congress to elect our new president. The supreme court ruling did not bar any member of the MDC as left by Morgan Tsvangirai, from contesting. All people who qualify according to our constitution are welcome to contest.

I think it will be sensible for us to keep our party united by holding our Extra ordinary Congress in terms of our party constitution and deal with the leadership legitimacy question once and for all. Even the international community will accept us. DEMOCRACY IS A VERY SIMPLE WORD BUT VERY DIFFICULT TO IMPLEMENT IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW RULES. TRUE DEMOCRATS DO WHAT IS RIGHT NOT WHAT IS CONVENIENT. I love you all.

Chinja Maitiro. Maitiro Chinja. Guqula Izenzo. Izenzo guqula
@ Piniel Denga MDC Mash East Provincial chairman

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