MDC dismisses Komichi ‘resignation’

Morgen Komichi

By Staff Reporter

THE MDC has dismissed as fake, a purported resignation letter by top party official and ex-deputy president Morgen Komichi which has been circulating on social media.

In the cited letter addressed to party president Nelson Chamisa, “Komichi” complains about lack of accountability in the main opposition and the acrimony that has become of a party founded by late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

“I have failed to reconcile the events which have taken place in the party for the past 9 months which left me no choice but only resigning,” says ‘Komichi’ in the ‘resignation letter’.

“The core values and principles of the party have been abandoned for the sake of individual benefits. There is no accountability in the handling of party finances, violence and factionalism, have rocked the party, insults and embarrassing moments have become a norm of the day.

“For this I have decided to tender my resignation.”

However, the MDC was Friday quick to dismiss the purported resignation as fake.

“The usual nonsense,” said party deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka.

“We are tired of these fake letters, including this unsigned one. Only a fake and illegitimate regime can manufacture such letters. Fake letterhead even. Just look at the last line “I wish YOU the best in ITS endeavors. Fakeness redefined.”

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