MDC Alliance MP, activists blind-folded by captors, sexually abused – Chamisa

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MDC MP Joanna Mamombe and two female party activists Friday narrated horrendous acts of being seized from the hands of the police and transported to spots while blind-folded and also tied with sacks to be subjected to torture and sexual abuse.

According to party leader Nelson Chamisa, Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were arrested by police on Wednesday but were soon to land in the hands of suspected state agents who later tortured and left them for dead.

“This is inhuman and degrading treatment. This is torture against girl children, torture against the country,” Chamisa told journalists at a private Harare hospital where he had visited the three.

Mamombe and the two youth leaders were reported arrested Wednesday at a roadblock by police who later denied they had the activists in their custody.

The three were coming from an anti-government demonstration they had staged in Harare’s Warren Park suburb.

They were later dumped near Bindura Thursday night after enduring acts of torture.

“Assuming that they had committed a crime, they were supposed to be taken to a police station, tried and sentenced. But this is a continuation of an ugly past,” Chamisa said.

“You won’t believe it. They are shaking. They are so scared when you open the door, they feel like running away.

“Cecilia said she can identify one of the suspected state agents who used a gun through their annal passage. It is unheard-of.

“They said, ‘we know that you are being sponsored as MDC to cause mayhem, and we want to fix you’.”

Chamisa blamed the act on President Emerson Mnangagwa and his regime.

“Mr Mnangagwa is aware of these things because the same pattern has been used for the past years. We have seen that across 2019, crocodile prints are all over and he cannot deny it,” he said.

“They have the audacity to lie to the entire world that this is self-inflicted, and it is false abductions, when it is so clear that those who doing it are doing so on behalf of Mnangagwa.

“This evil is persisting because we as Zimbabwe have not come out to say enough is enough,” he said.

“What we saw is so disturbing. It is embarrassing that a man would tie women up in sacks and go on to suck their breasts while assaulting them for the entire night.”

In a statement Friday, Information Ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana said government was investigating the incident.

He appealed for information that would help police establish the facts behind the incident.

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