Lockdown: Over 5 000 arrested, more savaged by soldiers as pregnant moms, drug addicts feel the pinch

By Staff Reporter

POLICE report they have arrested 5 226 Zimbabweans for violating government’s 21-day lockdown.

Those arrested, according to police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, were caught operating shebeens, violating road traffic laws, or simply loitering for no purpose.

Offenders are fined heavily as a deterrent.

Zimbabwe on Monday entered its third and final week of a lockdown imposed to combat the spread of Covid-19 with 14 cases and three deaths recorded since the outbreak last month.

In Kadoma, soldiers reportedly savaged those caught outside their homes ahead of a tour in the town by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, expecting mothers have also complained the ban on private transporters has inhibited their visits to their local health centres to seek to antenatal care.

Under the lockdown decree, public transporter Zupco is the only service available to locals but is not as reliable as private competitors.

The transport crisis has also affected people on ART treatment who can nolonger visit their local centres to collect drug supplies.

Drugs addicts, likewise, find themselves facing health repercussions after street supplies of the illicit substance have been cut due restricted movement among citizens.

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