Komichi says Tsvangirai death caused by state, vows Chamisa will not accept state protection

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MDC Deputy President Morgen Komichi (pictured) has made astounding claims former party President Morgan Tsvangirai’s ailment and resultant death may have been the result of a deliberate plot on his life by the state.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwe Star on Monday, Komichi said the MDC will not accept any state offers to take over the security of current party President Nelson Chamisa, who claims an assassination plot against him.

Chamisa on Saturday reportedly survived an abduction attempt by armed men the party has linked to state security.

His party says the occurrences were now increasing, adding to fears party enemies could be out to harm the firebrand opposition leader.

Days ahead of the July 2018 elections, Vice President Constantino Chwenga offered state protection on presidential election opponents who felt their lives were not safe.

Except for President Mnangagwa who already enjoyed state protection, there were no takers from the other 22.

Asked if the MDC may finally consider state protection against alleged threats on Chamisa’s life, Komichi was adamant they will never go by that route.

“We know very well that in Zimbabwe, we don’t have terrorism; we don’t have any other organisation which is fighting Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans are being fought by the state,” he said.

“What protection will the state give when it’s the same state that is sending these thugs, the same state that is sending people to go and abduct Itai Dzamara, the same state that is sending people to go and kill Tonderai Ndira, the same people that have been on record for burning people’s homes, abducting, killing and raping people, the same state that is sending people to go and do those heinous acts?.

“What protection will we get from the same state which wants us dead, that wants us arrested; the same state which fights individuals’ freedoms, the state that does not believe in democracy, that is a power monger.

“You will actually be more unsafe if you are given a state agent to move with.”

Komichi said of former MDC leader Tsvangirai who died of a long battle with colon cancer February this year, “Infact, we do believe that the late president (Tsvangirai) actually got the illness from that kind of arrangement.”

When Tsvangirai became Prime Minister in 2009, he was given state security, a government home and similar perks. A month later, he got involved in a horrific car crash which claimed his first wife, Susan.

The MDC’s vows never to accept any protection from the state could also be a strong signal Chamisa may not be at ease with a government plan to amend the constitution and create the office of the opposition leader which also comes with government perks.

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