Hwende issues chilling Mwonzora warning over media comments

By Staff Reporter

MDC secretary general Charlton Hwende and ally to party President Nelson Chamisa has sent a chilling warning to his predecessor Douglas Mwonzora whom he accuses of discussing internal party affairs through the media.

The correspondence to written on a party letterhead reads, “We note with concern that you continue to discuss Party business in the media notwithstanding the decision of the Party to restrict such to authorised offices.

“You also continue to discuss Party business on social media in violation of our social media policy.

“As a member, you are entitled to redress, in the event that you feel aggrieved by the actions of the utterances of other members as provided for in our Constitution which you are bound by.

“This letter serves as a final warning to you that such conduct will not be tolerated by the Party.”

Mwonzora has had an uncomfortable time as a party official since he defeated Chamisa to the post of secretary general in the 2014 elective congress which was presided over by then party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, now late.

He all but dug his own grave when he tried to contest Chamisa to the post of party president in the 2019 election.

His nightmares are linked to the sour relations he has with the MDC leader.

Staff Reporter

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