Govt revises Zim Covid-19 cases down from 29 to 28

By Health Reporter

GOVERMENT has reversed an earlier report the country’s confirmed COVID-19 had risen to 29.

In an earlier update on the country’s Covid-19 situation, the Ministry of Health reported the country’s Covid-19 cases had risen from 28 to 29.

However, hours later, authorities have been forced go back on the report.

“The Ministry would like to report that of the 101 PCR tests done in Bulawayo which had pending results of the 22nd April 2020, one was positive for COVID-19.

“However, the positive result was not for a new case but from a re-test of a case that has been reported previously.

“The re-test was conducted in line with WHO guidelines for confirming clinical recovery. Therefore, the positive result from Bulawayo was not for a new case,” said the ministry.

At things stand, the country still has 28 confirmed cases, among them, four deaths.



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