Connie Ferguson in touching birthday message to late husband


Seasoned actress and businesswoman Connie Ferguson gushed over her late husband Shona Ferguson on what would have been his 49th birthday.

Shona died in July 2021 from complications related to Covid-19.

Taking to her Instagram timeline she shared moments she had with her late husband.


“21 months without you physically here and it still feels unreal. Happy heavenly birthday to you, my love. The coolest dude I have ever known! We miss you so much! Today we are celebrating you for all that you were and still are; a legend! Continue resting, my king. It is well,” she wrote.

Connie recounted her last moments with him and opened up about her journey to healing.


“Grieving is ongoing. You just literally learn to live with the pain and not let it decapitate you. Life has to go on. I still have ambitions. I still have a company I need to run. There’s a lot still to be done, I think for me its unfortunate that I find myself in a position where I feel like I have to do it alone although I have a lot of support around me.

“It still feels alone without Sho, but I know he’s my biggest angel and I feel him a lot,” she said in a sit-down with Newsroom Afrika.

Celebrating 21 years of marriage last December, Connie penned a heartfelt note commemorating their union.

“This day 21 years ago. Tomorrow never came for my bestest friend, but I know how much he loved me. There’s a great comfort that comes with that, knowing just how happy you made someone in this lifetime, and how happy they made you.


“True love never dies, and I carry this love with me in my heart and soul for eternity. Thank you for the beautiful everlasting love and memories my angel Sho,” she wrote. TimesLive

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