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Church leaders urge politicians to preach peace ahead of 2023 Elections


By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

An interdenominational group, God’s Generals International Forum, has called on political leaders to encourage peace among their followers as the country heads for what could turn out to be a bloody lead up to next year’s harmonised elections.

Speaking during the announcement of the God’s Generals Conference slated for December 2-3 this year, the organisation’s conference director Dr Pastor Stanley Moyana said the event is open to all political leaders to come and preach peace ahead of 2023 elections.

“As the church, we carry the banner of peace and as such, anything that is peaceful, we are in full support,” said Dr Moyana.

“We know we are going towards our national elections as a country and there are possibilities that we may have political leaders coming to address us and there is no reason why they should not come and reinforce the idea of peace as we head toward the elections.


“We trust that our political leaders have matured enough and as such, we don’t have problems with them addressing us.

“Our message to all the political parties, as churches, we are also stakeholders in the running of the nation.

“So our message to those political parties who will be able to attend or those who will not is that everything be done in peace.

“We as the body of Christ, as the church, we are praying very hard that our elections are peaceful from the time of campaigning period to the time when the elections are done (before, during and after the elections.


“We are appealing to all political parties; let’s do the noble thing of doing everything peacefully and I am sure we will have one of the best elections ever.”

According to God’s Generals International Forum founding president, Bishop Adelino Nyabanga, the grouping was birthed four years ago as a networking platform for church leaders.

“Despite our different callings and ministries, the Lord of Harvest and the Spirit is the same.

“The scriptures tell us of the different callings that for example Peter and Paul had.

“Paul was called to be an Apostle to the Gentiles, and Peter was an Apostle to the Jews but they would meet in Jerusalem for feedback and consultation once in a while, thereby building the body of Christ from different approaches but the objective was the same.

“This vision started in 2018 as a virtual platform but praise the Lord, it is both virtual and physical leading up to God’s Generals International Conference on site from the 2nd to the 3rd of December 2022,” announced Nyabanga.

The two-day conference will be at Greencroft Presbyterian Church and is targeting to draw prophets, pastors, apostles, bishops and evangelists from all denominations across the globe.

“We are inviting pastors, teachers of the word, prophets, apostles, bishops and evangelists from all the denominations across the globe to attend our second on site conference to be held from 2nd -3rd December 2022 at Greencroft Presbyterian Church.

“Our guest speakers are non-other than the Archbishop Dr Rev B Manjoro and our Mother Bishop E Manjoro, seasoned, experienced and anointed servants of God.

“On the panel of speakers, we also have Advocate Arthur Marara, a renowned transformational speaker of great reputation.

“Guest musicians include Baba Mechanic Manyeruke and Pastor Lawrence Haisa, both household names in Zimbabwe and beyond,” said conference information and publicity, Apostle Konde Saeni.

There is also going to be an ordination and conferring of Honorary degrees to ‘deserving’ ministers.

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