Chivayo back in the frying pan as Supreme Court reverses fraud acquittal

Wicknell Chivayo

By Staff Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivayo is back in the frying pan, after the Supreme Court Monday reversed his acquittal for defrauding government of US$5.6 million.

The socialite won a US$200 million government tender in a botched Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) solar project deal.

Chivayo was later acquitted by High Court judge Owen Tagu who ruled his charges civil case and not a criminal.

In his ruling, Justice Tagu said “apart from being suggestive of a skirmish, a mere witch hunt and a fishing expedition it tells more of a hidden hand or mala fides intention in the institution of the criminal proceedings brought about by the State in the circumstances.”

Prosecution appealed his acquittal.

According to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, the showy businessman is in trouble after his acquittal was reversed.



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