Chinese medical doctors in eye-opening Zimbabwe NOSES Summit


By Nkosana Dlamini

A group of Chinese medical doctors seconded to Zimbabwe on a government to government arrangement have conducted a NOSES Summit Forum to demonstrate their expertise in the medical procedure.

The so-dubbed First Xiangya International NOSES Summit Forum online conference was conducted by the Asian country’s 19th delegation of medical professionals.

The event, on in many such forums where the doctors showcase their expertise before local audiences, was held in four local hospitals namely Parirenyatwa Hospital, Healthpoint Hospital, Upper East Hospital and Chinese Medical Team in Zimbabwe.

Event organiser Dr. Luowen gave a detailed introduction of the Noses procedure and urged fellow professionals in the Noses field in Zimbabwe to join the Noses Alliance.


The conference brought together some famous experts and scholars from the field of gastrointestinal surgery at home and abroad.

Dr. Luowen The Organiser Of This Meeting Makes A Point During The Forum
Chinese medical doctors in eye-opening Zimbabwe NOSES Summit 4

The event also saw a series of academic activities such as academic lectures, popular science education, gastrointestinal NOSES classic surgery video contest, colorectal cancer NOSES surgery demonstration, and discussion of hot and difficult issues.

This was aimed at allowing “colorectal cancer ‘ultra-minimally invasive NOSES surgery and other new concepts and technologies can bring gospel to more people.


NOSES is a minimally invasive and extremely effective surgical procedure involving specimen removal through the natural canal (rectum, vagina, or mouth, etc.) with no assisted incision in the abdominal wall, and is called the “minimally invasive of minimally invasive.”

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Currently, the NOSES tissues and organs that can be carried out mainly involve colorectal, stomach, small intestine, liver and biliary, pancreas and spleen, and gynecological tumors, especially in the field of colorectal tumors.

Compared to conventional laparoscopic colorectal surgery, the colorectal NOSES procedure is less invasive, less painful, quicker recovery, better efficacy, fewer complications, fewer hospital expenses, and better abdominal wall function maintenance and cosmetic results.

During the events, the Chinese medical professionals also took time to discuss the new concept of colon cancer prevention and treatment, exchange NOSES minimally invasive new technologies, and promote medical development.

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