Chamisa plans forays into Zanu PF rural territory, vows to dump lazy allies

By Staff Reporter

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa (pictured) says his party shall this year focus its energies towards making inroads in rural areas, which have given Zanu PF the edge over the main opposition in past elections.

Chamisa said this is his New Year message Wednesday.

The opposition chief vowed to dump allies who do not pull their weight towards fulfilling the MDC’s objectives and to crack the whip on those involved in acts of indiscipline and internal conflict.

Said the MDC leader, “Broad organizational interest is more important than opportunistic personal interest. We need to radically change and abandon certain negative and divisive tendencies.

“…Indiscipline and malicious gossip will be jettisoned. Conflict entrepreneurship will be punished. Tough decisions will be made to deal with those. Those who don’t work will lose their positions. Those who are absent will be replaced.”

In its past defeats on MDC, Zanu PF has leveraged on the country’s rural vote with traditional chiefs often roped in to perform what critics say is the ruling party’s commissariat work.

In his message, Chamisa said his party will now enhance its rural focus.

“We must focus on the core business and sole goal of the party agenda that is to WIN Elections and attain state power for real change.

“Our rural focus must be enhanced. Candidate selection better improved.

“We will demand political reforms.”

Chamisa added, “We must strengthen our party and its base with a strong rural focus. We must have strong vibrant structures, zero imposition, zero corruption, zero division, zero factionalism and zero writing of names of fictitious structures or lists of friends.

“We must all work 24/7 for the cause of real change and root out all negative tendencies. We will only rest and celebrate when tyranny folds and poverty ends.”

He urged party MPs and councillors to conduct “regular feedback meetings and visible presence in constituencies and communities”.

Chamisa said MDC was now introducing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for all representatives in party deployment.

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