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GoFundMe launched for Chamisa armoured car after Zanu PF attack ordeal

Nelson Chamisa battered car

By Nkosana Dlamini

A group of US-based Nelson Chamisa sympathisers concerned by the opposition leader’s Monday attack by hordes of Zanu PF supporters in Masvingo, have launched a GoFundMe initiative to acquire an armoured car that would allow the popular MDC Alliance frontman to perform his 2023 presidential campaign safely.

A T. Basvi, who is leading the newly launched “Safety for Nelson Chamisa Initiative” based in the USA, says they have launched the “initiative to raise funds for the purchase of an armour-plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and security.”

Basvi says the initiative was “apolitical”.

Reads the appeal, “My name is T. Basvi and I am a member of the Safety for Nelson Chamisa Initiative, an initiative based in the USA. representing a like initiative in Zimbabwe.

“Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean Pastor, politician and President of the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance. Nelson Chamisa was MDC Alliance’s candidate in the 2018 presidential election, an election he is widely believed to have won.

“Nelson Chamisa has received repeated and merciless attacks by from ruling party, aided by the government security sector. As recent as the 11th of October 2021, his motor vehicle convoy was ambushed and attacked by a marauding group of the ruling party’s youths, an attack which left his vehicles damaged and many of his aides seriously injured and hospitalized.

“We foresee a likelihood of increased attacks on him in the run up to the coming 2023 elections

“As concerned global citizens, we have come up with this initiative to raise funds for the purchase of an amour plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and security.”

It was not clear if the MDC Alliance leadership has endorsed the initiative.

One Juma Ulete said he was seeking US$50 from 2 400 diasporans to shore up the opposition leader’s security as the 2023 campaign season hots up.

Ulete, a member of the initiative, said, “I am looking for 2400 diasporans to pay USD $50 each to buy an armoured vehicle 4 @nelsonchamisa fo 2023 elections. An audit firm can handle contributions and also account at the end of the process. Lets stop looters and debauchery gangsters! #citizensconvegenceforchange #NHM.”

However, if acquired, the vehicle may likely suffer the same fate seen of late founding MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai whose bulletproof BMW X5 was seized during his 2008 Presidential run-off campaign and is still deteriorating under a burning sun at Lupane police station in Matabeleland North.

When they impounded the car, police claimed the vehicle was not properly imported into the country.

The car was a gift to Tsvangirai by a South African friend Adrian Espag after reports of an assassination plot against the much-loved opposition leader who had just dealt an embarrassing defeat to then incumbent Robert Mugabe in an inconclusive first round of a 2008 presidential election.

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Chamisa attack: More details emerge…Govt says opposition chief plotted own horror

Nelson Chamisa

Zimstar News

Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana says the alleged attack on MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and his convoy in Masvingo this Monday was a stage-managed drama designed to hoodwink visiting Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan into the false belief the opposition was not safe under the Zanu PF led government.

MDC Alliance said Monday that its leader was ambushed by a group of alleged Zanu PF supporters numbering up to 200 amid claims some of his aides were injured in the attack.

“#VIOLENCE rocked Charumbira area as President Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s convoy and advance delegation was violently attacked by hired thugs. Members of the team were badly injured & ferried to hospital. Burning logs were used to beat up the delegation & block the road to Charumbira Village,” MDC Alliance said via its social media handles.

But Mangwana, who is also Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, said on twitter that the incident was a staged managed affair.

“We are in the even of #COP26 and the Special Rapporteur’s engagement is about to happen. Do you know what else has started? The Dramas,” he said.

Chamisa convoy attack
Chamisa convoy attack

Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan is due to visit the country 18 to 28 October 2021.

The MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the alleged incident was a result of “the regime” feared the opposition leader.

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BREAKING: Chamisa ambushed, attacked in Masvingo

Nelson Chamisa

Zimstar News

Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance claims the opposition leader and his aides have been ambushed and attacked in Masvingo this afternoon by hordes of youths numbering up to 200 allegedly mobilised by Zanu PF.

In a twit Monday afternoon, MDC Alliance said, “#BREAKING Over 200 youths mobilized by ZANU PF have violently attacked President Chamisa’s convoy & advance team on their way to meet community leaders in Masvingo. They stoned cars, barricaded roads with burning logs & assaulted members of our team who’ve now been hospitalized.”

This is a developing story. More details to follow…

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Chamisa WhatsApp status pic lands cop into trouble

Nelson Chamisa

Zimstar News

A Mount Darwin police officer is in trouble with his employers after he bravely used MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s face on his phone WhatsApp status, accompanying it with the defiant message #Ngaapinde hake Mukomana.

The trending hashtag, literally meaning ‘let him in as new President’ was coined recently by the MDC Alliance faithful to add impetus to the 43-year-old politician’s campaign for the 2023 elections.

For associating himself with the message, Constable Spenser Chiteera now faces disciplinary action under his employers.

Although some police officers who have sided with Zanu PF have often escaped with no charges, it is a chargeable offence under the Police Act to openly display political partisanship.

Chiteera is not the first police officer to be in trouble with his bosses for showing support for Chamisa.

During the period ahead of the 2018 elections, a police constable was summoned before a disciplinary hearing over claims he allowed a campaign van for the MDC Alliance to enter a police station.

Constable Tomy was on guard duties at the Mashonaland West Camps and Hostels in Chegutu when he allegedly permitted an Isuzu pick-up truck emblazoned with stickers of Chamisa to be driven into the camp on July 8.

In another incident 2018, John Mahlabera, a Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services officer was also dismissed from his job over a tweet in which he referred to Chamisa “my president’.

This was after he got convicted on two counts of undermining President Emmerson Mnangagwa and posting a tweet viewed by his superiors as disloyal to Mnangagwa.

A senior police officer was also once forcibly evicted from her home at the Ntabazinduna police camp 40 km outside Bulawayo following accusations she was an MDC-T sympathizer and regularly plays MDC-T party songs.

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‘I cannot pretend to be poor’ – ministry boss speaks on overflowing riches, says bought maid a house

George Guvamatanga

Zimstar News

Finance Ministry permanent secretary George Guvamatanga, under-fire for throwing a lavish 50th birthday bash when millions wallow in poverty, has taken a rather stuck-up approach, opening up on his copious riches that have seen him buy his maid a house.

Guvamatanga, a former managing director with Barclays Zimbabwe, told the media he amassed a lot of his wealth when he worked for the bank over a 30-year period and cannot be unfairly judged on the three years in which he has been ministry boss.

During his bash, whose visual images went viral, Guvamatanga is said to have pledged to pay musicians who performed at the party, five times what they had charged.

The cattle rancher also said he could not pretend to be poor when his pockets were brimming with US dollars.

He also said he was so rich that he once bought his maid a house.

Guvamatanga said his birthday bash, in which he invited top South African musicians to perform, was motivated by his near-death experience early this year in which he and family members suffered Covid-19.

He survived after being put on oxygen.

Below are his comments.

“First of all, let me put it into context,” he said.

“The issue of saying the artistes were paid more is not correct.

“The clip was quoted out of context

“I was saying to Louis Mhlanga, one of Zimbabwe’s most decorated musicians that if I had the money, I would have paid five times more than we agreed.

“It was a tribute to Louis Mhlanga.

“You know that I cannot take foreign currency from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and spend it like this.”

Guvamatanga added, “I worked for a huge international bank for 30 years and I was paid in offshore accounts.

“There are millions in that account.

“Others avoid paying taxes when they are paid through offshore accounts, but Barclays was strict.

“And if you ask Zimra (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) they will tell you that I was one of the biggest tax payers during my stint at Barclays Bank.

“I paid between US$2 million and US$3 million in taxes, the records are there.

“Now, if I paid US$3 million, ndakasara nemarii (How much could I have been left with).

“My package at Barclays, including my bonus was US$3 million.

“It is all above board. I have a known offshore account, and have interests across most sectors of the economy, from insurance to agriculture to distribution and others.”

Guvamatanga said he also got his wealth through his massive cattle ranching project.

“I will need to take you to my farm, I have 1 200 cattle.

“My business interest and wealth are known and everything has been declared.

“I cannot pretend to be poor

“Most of my cattle fetch not less that US$2 500 (each), and I sell 500 cattle per annum.

“So why can’t I celebrate life.

“I planned for this party after my near death experience with Covid-19.

“So, what I am doing is celebrating life.”

He continued, “I can’t stop my wife and children from organising the party because they said when you reach 50 years, we will need to celebrate because of what happened.

“I cannot pretend to be poor to make people happy.

“I am not poor.

“I am so surprised that people are judging me with the three years that I have been a civil servant instead of the 30 years that I worked for Barclays.

“I am doing national service in government.

“I have a trust that is paying the bills for a cancer patient, an amount more than what was paid to the artists.

“And I have a maid who I have stay with for many years and I bought her a house.”

Quotes on this story taken from The Standard Newspaper

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Embassy urges probe into death of 6 Chinese nationals in mine blast

Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Guo Shaochun

Zimstar News

The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe Saturday urged a thorough investigation into the cause of a Mazowe nickel mine gas explosion that claimed six of the Asian country’s nationals in Mazowe Thursday.

The embassy made the plea in a statement Saturday.

The blast also killed two Zimbabweans.

The 7 October incident involved oxygen gas tanks that exploded at the mine in the Mazowe area, Mashonaland Central.

The tragedy happened on the day at around 1700 hours when Victor Mufakose, 29, and the now-deceased Kudakwashe Muzanenhamo, 38 were instructed by one of the deceased Chinise nationals to assist in making fire at the Nickel furnace.

After finishing making fire, they were given further instructions to help open the furnace which is sealed by a metal sheet and concrete to contain pressure.

During which process, Mufakose used a jack hammer to remove the concrete blocking the furnace entrance.

When they were about to ignite some cutting torch that uses gas bottles Mufakose received a telephone call from his wife. He excused himself and walked a few metres away. Whilst he was still on the telephone he heard a loud explosion and debris flying all over the place and he ran away in fear.

After a while, he returned back and saw bodies and body parts scattered all over the place.

They rushed back to the scene and noticed that one of the Chinese nationals Lyu Guangzhi was still alive but critically injured and was taken to Parirenyatwa group of hospitals where he is being treated.

The bodies were ferried to Parirenyatwa Hospital awaiting postmortem.

It was also established that on 6 October 2021 at about 1000hours a 11,5  another Oxygen Cylinder gas bottle exploded and killed Amon Munashe, 21, who works at the mine as an Assistant wielder.

Stewart Nkango, 27, Bernard Dzangwe, 27,  and Terrence Magwaza, 23, who sustained injuries and bruises were taken to Concession hospital where they were treated and discharged.

The scene was attended by Ministry of Mines and the police. Inspector of Mines Bindura, Themba Hweju, 38, ordered the mine to stop all operations pending investigations. The company decided to ignore the directive resulting in the subsequent fatal mining accident.

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Ministry boss Guvamatanga throws lavish 50th birthday bash while millions suffer

George Guvamatanga

Zimbabwe’s permanent secretary of finance George Guvamatanga threw a lavish 50th birthday party attended by business executives and media figures.

SA musicians Makhadzi and Mafikizolo were hired to perform at the birthday bash, dubbed “G.T.G 50”.

The extravagant outdoor celebration, featuring sushi bars and grilled lobster tails on the menu, was attended by guests in tuxedos and glitzy gowns.

Among several of the party videos that caused a stir after being shared on social media was one of Guvamatanga promising to multiply by five the payment promised to one of the artists.

“So whatever there was on that bill … I don’t want to disclose. I’m multiplying what was on that bill by five. Tomorrow morning you give me your bank details and by the time you get to SA that amount by five will be in your account my brother,” said Guvamatanga.

The shindig elicited an outcry from Zimbabweans on social media. The country faces inflation as high as 53% at year-end, a weakening of the local currency and price hikes of basic commodities.

Zimbabwean journalist and activist Hopewell Chin’ono said on social media: “I am not bothered with what people do in their private lives. But when I see the permanent secretary of finance George Guvamatanga living it up like this hiring SA bands for his birthday, I realise how detached these political elites are to the daily realities of life.

“These are the people who have come up with policies that have made life difficult for all of us, they tell you to tighten your belts, yet here is how they live! It is difficult for them to understand the economic pressures of life faced by Zimbabweans when you are able to flaunt such conspicuous consumption! Banana republic stuff!”

Zimbabwean government officials are known for hosting lavish birthday parties amid economic collapse. Last year in December the country’s information minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, hosted an extravagant 60th birthday bash.


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Student leaders arrested as anti-riot police storm ZINASU meeting

Zimbabwe Republic Police

Zimstar News

Four student leaders have been arrested after some baton wielding anti-riot police stormed and dispersed participants to a ZINASU General Council meeting in Masvingo this Saturday.

They are ZINASU president Takudzwa Ngadziore, Paidamoyo Masaraure (WUA president), ZINASU gender secretary Nancy Njenge and UZ SRC president Lennox Machoko.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Monitors Platform said police pounced on the student activists “without just cause”.

“The riot police pounced on the innocent student activists without just cause and brutally dispersed the General Council prompting other students in attendance to scurry for safety in rooms at the venue where they have locked themselves…” said the student representative group.

Police were reportedly moving from room to room, banging doors to try and locate more activists.

The state’s action is a test to the Zimbabwe government’s commitment to human rights ahead of an impending visit to the country by Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan 18 to 28 October 2021.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Monitors Platform condemned the arrest of the student leaders.

“The Poverty Liberation Movement is enraged by the blatant disregard for the Freedom of Assembly and Association by the government of Zimbabwe,” said the group.

“The General Council which was observing all Covid-19 protocols and looking to better the welfare of students at tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe was Sanz ceremony crushed and hordes of student leaders from various institutions locked themselves in their respective rooms to avoid unwarranted arrest.

“The Liberation Movement is hereby demanding that the government of Emmerson Mnangagwa release the arrested students and allow them to discuss issues that will benefit the over 300 000 students in Zimbabwe!

“Should the government continue on this suicide path, let them remember the words of veteran student leader and pioneer, Learnmore Judah Jongwe, ‘Students the world over are known to initiate and execute revolution and Zimbabwe is not an exception!’ If they invite resistance, they will get resistance in truckloads!”

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Zimbabwe removed from UK’s ‘red list’ zone countries

Zimstar News

Covid-19 fully vaccinated Zimbabweans travelling to the United Kingdom will, starting this coming Monday, not be required to first go through mandatory hotel quarantine before they could be allowed into the European country.

This follows the country’s removal from the list of red zone countries by the UK on Thursday.

Zimbabwe, now considered a low risk Covid-19 country, is among the 47 countries that benefited from the amnesty in a major overhaul of England’s Covid travel restrictions which came into effect on 4 October.

The announcement was made by the UK secretary of state for transport Grant Shapps Thursday.

According to Shapps, only seven countries remain on their red list and their citizens travelling to the UK would still be required to undergo a mandatory quarantine period.

Arrivals from red list countries must undertake a 10-day stay in a managed quarantine hotel, pre-departure testing and mandatory PCR testing on or before day two and on or after day eight.

You can only enter the UK if you are a British or Irish National, or have UK residence rights.

The countries joining the “rest of the world” list from 4.00am on Monday 11 October are:








Cape Verde


Congo (Democratic Republic)

Costa Rica





French Guiana



















Sierra Leone


South Africa





Trinidad and Tobago






Which countries are on the red list?

The changes mean that there will only be seven countries staying on the red list:



Dominican Republic






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Another corruption accused ex-Zanu PF minister walks free

Obadiah Moyo

Zimstar News

Sacked health minister Obadiah Moyo is now a free man after the High Court Thursday dismissed corruption charges that were being levelled against him.

Moyo was arrested in June last year for awarding US$60m contracts to Drax International without following tender process.

He was later fired by President Emmerson Mnangagwa following immense pressure on the national leader to relieve the top government official of his job.

The former Chitungwiza General Hospital CEO has been going through trial within local courts for the alleged offence.

He can now walk free after Justice Pisirayi Kwenda Thursday said charges did not disclose elements that constitute an offence.

Moyo is not the only corruption accused former Zanu PF minister to be cleared of corruption charges in a space of a week.

A Harare magistrate Tuesday set free, former Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo who was being tried for corruptly allocating himself more than 125 residential stands when he was still minister.

The former Zanu PF top official’s land theft was implicated in the Justice Uchena land audit report.

He was being accused of criminal abuse of office.

The alleged offence was committed some 15 years ago.

In his ruling, Harare provincial magistrate Stanford Mambanje removed Chombo from remand and advised the state to proceed by way of summons.

This is after the State had admitted it had no sufficient evidence to pin down the veteran politician.

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