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Zim traditional healers run out of herbs to cure STIs

By Staff Reporter

TRADITIONAL healers in Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani district have reportedly run out of herbs to cure sexually transmitted diseases following the March 2019 Cyclone Idai that destroyed special trees from which the medicine was being sourced.

According to a local online publication, the traditional healers now have to travel longer distances to source for the medicine from areas that were not affected by the disaster.

“There is a herbal plant called Fuko, which grows along river banks. I used that plant to treat my clients suffering from infertility and period pains. This plant is now scarce because it was washed away by the rains,” one Sekuru Gora was quoted saying.

The herbalist said he lost a lot of potential clients during the Christmas holidays who sought treatment for STIs.

“During the Christmas holiday, I lost a lot of business as some clients from as far as South Africa and Botswana came seeking help. Even my local clients are also stranded because I cannot service them anymore,” he said.

The eastern parts of the country are well known for the country’s traditional healers who often receive clients from outside the country.

Cyclone Idai which devastated parts of Manicaland, Masvingo and Mashonaland East provinces killed hundreds and left even more homeless.

The harsh wealth phenomenon also caused massive environmental and infrastructural damage.

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Ex-minister Ndlovu arrested, accused of robbery

By Staff Reporter

OUTSPOKEN former National Healing Minister, Moses Mzila Ndlovu and his two sons were on Monday arrested and detained by police at Figtree on claims of robbery which allegedly occured last Thursday.

This was revealed by 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity Thembani Dube.

“The 1893 MHRRM has been alerted that Moses Mzila Ndlovu and his two sons have been arrested by the Zimbabwean police today (Monday) on trumped up charges of robbery at the Figtree Police station in Matebeleland, Zimbabwe.

“The allegation of robbery, has been made, once more by a poacher that Mzila and his sons found poaching wood in their farm and apprehended and then released,” he said in a statement.

The said poacher later filed a robbery report against the ex-minister and his sons claiming he had been robbed of his cell phone.

“The police then visited Mzila and his sons on Friday the following day, inquiring about the case and Mzila indicated to them that he was due to report the case of poaching in his farm as the incident had happened a day before,” Dube said.

Ndlovu and his sons were then asked by police to report at Figtree police on Monday whereupon they were arrested and detained.

The 1893 MHRRM has secured lawyers for the founding MDC legislator and his co-accused sons.

The lawyers are Nqobile Sithole and Matshobana.

Mzila Ndlovu has had brushes with the Zanu PF led regime through his bold stance in demanding that government should own up to the 1980s Gukurahundi atrocities by the military.

Then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe is accused of presiding over killings which claimed an estimated 20 000 civilians in Matebeleland and Midlands provinces.

Mzila Ndlovu was in the UK recently for the Matebeleland Gukurahundi Genocide Conference arranged by the 1893 MHRRM.

“He spoke strongly about the need for Truth, Justice and Reparations for the Genocide and for a UN International Commission to be set up to investigate the Matebeleland Genocide,” Dube said.

“It would therefore not be surprising that he might be deliberately targeted by the system using other means and ways to get to him. His safety and that of his sons and family is our uttermost concern.”

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Komichi says Tsvangirai death caused by state, vows Chamisa will not accept state protection

By Staff Reporter

MDC Deputy President Morgen Komichi (pictured) has made astounding claims former party President Morgan Tsvangirai’s ailment and resultant death may have been the result of a deliberate plot on his life by the state.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwe Star on Monday, Komichi said the MDC will not accept any state offers to take over the security of current party President Nelson Chamisa, who claims an assassination plot against him.

Chamisa on Saturday reportedly survived an abduction attempt by armed men the party has linked to state security.

His party says the occurrences were now increasing, adding to fears party enemies could be out to harm the firebrand opposition leader.

Days ahead of the July 2018 elections, Vice President Constantino Chwenga offered state protection on presidential election opponents who felt their lives were not safe.

Except for President Mnangagwa who already enjoyed state protection, there were no takers from the other 22.

Asked if the MDC may finally consider state protection against alleged threats on Chamisa’s life, Komichi was adamant they will never go by that route.

“We know very well that in Zimbabwe, we don’t have terrorism; we don’t have any other organisation which is fighting Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans are being fought by the state,” he said.

“What protection will the state give when it’s the same state that is sending these thugs, the same state that is sending people to go and abduct Itai Dzamara, the same state that is sending people to go and kill Tonderai Ndira, the same people that have been on record for burning people’s homes, abducting, killing and raping people, the same state that is sending people to go and do those heinous acts?.

“What protection will we get from the same state which wants us dead, that wants us arrested; the same state which fights individuals’ freedoms, the state that does not believe in democracy, that is a power monger.

“You will actually be more unsafe if you are given a state agent to move with.”

Komichi said of former MDC leader Tsvangirai who died of a long battle with colon cancer February this year, “Infact, we do believe that the late president (Tsvangirai) actually got the illness from that kind of arrangement.”

When Tsvangirai became Prime Minister in 2009, he was given state security, a government home and similar perks. A month later, he got involved in a horrific car crash which claimed his first wife, Susan.

The MDC’s vows never to accept any protection from the state could also be a strong signal Chamisa may not be at ease with a government plan to amend the constitution and create the office of the opposition leader which also comes with government perks.

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State plotting Chamisa assassination through road accident – MDC

By Staff Reporter

THE MDC has accused the Zanu PF led government of attempts to assassinate its leader Nelson Chamisa through a road car accident.

This comes after the main opposition claimed Saturday that Chamisa had survived an abduction plot by armed persons they claim to be state security agents.

Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume on Friday said the state has sent people to tail Chamisa at high speed where ever he went using “apartheid” style surveillance tactics.

This, he said, endangered the opposition chief’s life and that of his family members.

“It is sinister in that the surveillance is being done in a manner that endangers the life of the President,” Mafume said.

“They follow his motorcade at extraordinarily high speeds, they interfere with the vehicles in his motorcade and at times they almost run him off the road in blatant violation of road rules.

“We are certain the intention is to cause an accident and then blame his drivers of negligence.”

Mafume said on Saturday, cars with “cloned” registration plates trailed Chamisa’s convoy from Marondera where he had addressed a rally and later tried “grab and abduct” him from his car.

Government, through Information and Publicity Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, has dismissed the claims saying the circumstances mentioned pointed to “road rage” involving Chamisa, his aides and other motorists.

But Mafume said it was never beyond the state to abduct its enemies in broad daylight as happened with firebrand pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara who disappeared without trace after being abducted by state agents in 2015.

“The statement by Monica Mutsvangwa is not only misleading but malicious and a direct attempt to influence police investigation towards a particular direction of charging the victim and not the perpetrators,” Mafume said.

“…Remember this is the same government that blamed Itai Dzamara for disappearing himself! “

The MDC spokesperson said there have been two other cases in September and November in which Chamisa’s life has been threatened, citing the pastor’s frequent retreats for prayer sessions in Domboshava, just outside Harare.

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ED says complaints against 2% tax ‘democratic’ but vows it will stay

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says those opposed to his government’s 2 percent tax imposition on electronic transfers were free to voice their disappointment but he insisted that the levy was there to stay.

He was addressing hundreds of guests at this year’s public sector audit conference at Rainbow Towers Hotel on Thursday.

Mnangagwa said the unpopular tax was necessary for a country that is keen to emerge from its deep debt crisis.

“In a democracy you are allowed to have your view and I have my view,” Mnangagwa said while responding to sentiments made during question time that the tax was a hindrance.

“I don’t think it’s a hindrance. It has helped us a lot now to narrow the deficit gap in our economy.”

The 2 percent levy introduced by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube few weeks ago has caused uproar among Zimbabwean businesses and ordinary citizens who feel this was not wise for a country that ranks among the world’s most taxed nations.

The government tax has also been blamed for sharp price increases witnessed in the past month as businesses scrambled to cushion themselves against the additional costs in their budgets.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa said at a party rally recently that the government tax was daylight robbery on poor citizens by the Zanu PF led regime.

However, in his comments Thursday, Mnangagwa hinted his administration may consider a further review on the tax when Minister Ncube presents his much awaited 2019 budget statement later this month.

“The Minister of Finance…before the end of the month, he is going to make a budget statement.

“I can safely say he will also look at that in order to improve. I don’t know whether what he will say will improve your position or improve mine. But he is going to have a conversation around it.”

Meanwhile, in his prepared speech earlier, President Mnangagwa urged auditors to remain true to their calling as they are key to government’s efforts to root out corruption.

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Government mulls plan to sponsor more women to become journalists

By Staff Reporter

INFORMATION and Publicity Minister Monica Mutsvangwa (pictured) has revealed plans by government to incentivise women to take up journalism in what could see women become the majority in the male dominated profession.

She said this while addressing Senators during the upper house’s question and answer session this past week.

Asked by Zanu PF Senator Alice Chimbudzi what government had in store to “encourage women and children that are in higher and tertiary education to pursue journalism as an area of study”, Mutsvangwa said this fell within government’s broader objectives to bring about gender equity.

“One of the mandates of the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services is to ensure that what is contained in the Constitution of Zimbabwe that talks about gender equity is important,” she said.

“We want to see a situation where women become the majority in terms of journalists, editors and media house owners. So we are constantly encouraging each other to adhere with the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe and that clearly came out during our discussions on how best we can come up with a fund to incentivise women so that they can take up journalism and that there is a balance between males and females in the media.”

The journalism profession is regarded as too unfriendly for women especially married ones as it involves one often working late and frequent travelling.

Most Zimbabwean women who start off as journalists later abandon the profession to join other organisations as public relations officers leaving the editorial rungs of the job in the hands of men.

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Rusape bus disaster death toll now 50 as ED blasts reckless drivers

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa Thursday spoke tough on reckless drivers who continue to place “profits” ahead of people’s lives as he declared Wednesday’s Rusape bus disaster that killed 50 people a national disaster.

In a statement, Mnangagwa said the loss of so many lives in a single road accident raised a lot of questions about the deteriorating behaviour of road users on the country’s roads.

“Both the responsible Ministry and our law enforcement agents must use this bloody accident to close in on all those bus operators, drivers and road users who put profit and speed above life, thus causing avoidable carnage on our roads,” he said.

Mnangagwa also said the rampant lawlessness on the country’s roads must now be met with “robust response”.

His comments came as the death toll from a head-on collision by two buses rose from 47 to 50 while 61 were injured from both buses.

The horror crash was between Bolt Cutter and Smart Express buses.

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Former Minister Supa Mandiwanzira arrested

FORMER Information Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Supa Mandiwanzira has been arrested over a corruption related offence.

It is not yet clear where the charges emanate from but reports say he is accused of an offence he committed during his tenure as ICT Minister.

Mandiwanzira is currently being held at CID Serious Frauds and is expected to appear in court this Tuesday.

He was government minister from 2013 to 2018 and joins a handful former cabinet ministers who have been arrested and dragged to court over offences allegedly committed during their terms of office.

Other ex-cabinet ministers who have been arrested under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption drive in the past one year include Ignatius Chombo who was Finance Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere (Local Government), Walter Chidhakwa (Mines), David Parirenyatwa (Health), Samuel Undenge (Energy) and Walter Mzembi (Tourism).

Critics say Mnangagwa was not sincere in his anti-corruption crusade as most of the former Ministers are often arrested over minor offences such as nepotism and corruption involving amounts as little as $12 000 when former President Robert Mugabe’s government was stashed with officials who siphoned off millions of dollars.

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Latest: Magaya says sorry for ‘rushed’ HIV/Aids ‘cure’ announcement

UNDER-FIRE preacher Walter Magaya has issued an apology for “rushed” claims he had discovered a cure for HIV/Aids, telling a joint media briefing with the Health Ministry Thursday that he made the announcement out of “excitement”.

The Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder invited strong rebuke from government, the United Nations and local health rights groups when he last Sunday excitedly unveiled his Aguma capsules he said had properties to cure HIV/Aids in just 14 days.

Police swooped on his Harare offices on Wednesday night to recover what he had claimed were stocks of the medicine.

But the charismatic preacher cast a jaded character during a press briefing at the Ministry offices Thursday, saying he has learnt his mistakes and had, accordingly, submitted the process of testing his discovery to the authorities.

Magaya said he got convinced he had found the elusive cure for HIV/Aids when it got tested in India but denied ever testing it on any individual in Zimbabwe.

“At the same time, I carry a very important apology to the ministry, to the public at large and all organisations,” he said.

“…After discovering what I discovered which was tested in India, holding a report which I overwhelmingly went on and announced what I was carrying in my hands without taking note of the authorities of Zimbabwe.

“According to what I have learnt, the authorities of Zimbabwe and all the regulatory authorities were supposed to scrutinise, analyse and be satisfied with what I was holding before I prematurely announced.

“The apology that I carry is an apology of saying we rushed to announce what we were carrying without the authorities analysing it but at the same time, I want to salute the Ministry (Health) which has handled me like a child and showed me the way.”

He said he was now working with the ministry in terms of the country’s medicines control regulations.

Asked why he rushed to make the announcement without the medicine having been tested first, Magaya said he did this out of excitement.

“The reason of the rush was because of excitement of what I was holding, the excitement which overwhelmed me.

“I spoke before I looked into authorities regulations. For me to come and apologise, it is a sign of regret that I rushed the announcement,” Magaya said.

His apology also comes after the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association threatened to slap the controversial miracle healer with a lawsuit if he did not retract his claims.

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Police raid Prophet Magaya’s offices to recover HIV/Aids ‘cure’

By Staff Reporter

POLICE Wednesday evening raided Prophet Walter Magaya’s Harare offices to recover stocks of his controversial Aguma medicine which the under fire preacher claims was cure for HIV/Aids.

This was confirmed by Information and Publicity deputy minister Energy Mutodi in a tweet Wednesday night.

“Police raid Magaya,” Mutodi said, adding, “I can confirm police this evening raided Prophet Walter Magaya offices to recover samples of his aguma medicine which he claims cures HIV. The raid marks the start of an investigation into this matter. Health experts say there is no cure yet.”

Magaya torched a storm Sunday when he emphatically claimed he had finally found the much elusive cure for HIV/Aids in the form of a herb he said was locally available and in enough quantities to satisfy the needs of the entire world.

He challenged anyone who felt he was lying to test the medicine which he said could rid an HIV positive patient of the virus within 14 days.

The Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder also pledged to personally finance any costs intended to scientifically test his claims.

While tests were being made, Magaya said he was going ahead marketing the medicine through his church, something that could have triggered the raid.

The World Health Organisation’s Zimbabwe office Wednesday dismissed the charismatic preacher’s claims insisting there was no cure for the dreaded virus.

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