Brenda Fassie’s son attacked by machete wielding robbers


Bongani Fassie is happy for a second chance at life as he recovers from a “near-death experience”.

The musician, son of legendary singer Brenda Fassie, told TshisaLIVE he was recently attacked with a machete while travelling home with a friend. He said they were at a traffic light when he was assaulted.

|”It happened so quick … I had to wrestle with the guy who pulled out the panga because he was going for my chest. He did not take the vehicle. It was a very close, near-death experience. If it wasn’t for my friend, I don’t think I would have had a chance,” he said.

Fassie, who sustained deep cuts to his left arm and severe bruises to his head, was treated in hospital.

“The panga reached my bone and took a chunk of meat from my left arm … If I want my arm to function the way it used to, I need to see someone. I’m still recovering … I could have died”.

Some sent messages of support to the producer, but others questioned whether he was using the incident as a publicity stunt.

“Guys, what’s going on here? I hope this is one of those Bongani Fassie’s fake media stunts,” said his former Jozi band member Ishmael Morabe.


Bongani responded to the scepticism, saying: “If it’s not a physical attack, it’s a verbal attack. There are many reasons why I could think people want me dead, but I could also be wrong. Ever since Brenda Fassie passed away there’s been so many weird things that have happened to me, I’ve gotten some attacks, I’ve been in and out of court with so many people.

“All I know is that there are a lot of people who don’t wish me well. I get pointed at every single day on social media about my past life, with people not knowing I was suffering from PTSD. I had to get over that. I didn’t lose Brenda Fassie, I lost my mother. I cleaned up my life because of that.”

Bongani expressed gratitude to family, friends and fans who have supported him through his healing journey. TimesLive


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