29 Zimbabweans succumb to Covid-19 in Britain

By Staff Reporter

At least 29 Zimbabweans living in Britain have died of Covid-19, the country’s embassy to London has said.

In a statement Thursday, the embassy said the figures were not official but were based on information independently gathered through other means.

Most of those who have succumbed to the world pandemic involve nurses and other frontline health workers within the British health system, an employment haven for a lot of Zimbabwean health expatriates.

The embassy said it “has been able to gather information from the Diaspora community and religious leaders, cluster leaders, affected individuals and the media, on Zimbabweans who have passed on due to Covid-19”.

The embassy further said: “To date, the Embassy has not received updated information from the host Government on the deaths of Zimbabweans due to Covid-19, understandably because the British government has explained that it is currently seized with implementing measures to contain the pandemic. They have promised to provide detailed information as soon as it is possible.”

At 18 738 deaths so far, Britain is one of the world countries worst hit by the disease.

Compared to its former colonial master, Zimbabwe, at 28 recorded Covid-19 cases and four deaths, could counts itself lucky for being relatively spared by the pandemic.

But this is dampened by the loss of its citizens in other world territories through the disease.

Zimbabweans are all over the world with the majority having left the country when the country’s economic fortunes took a nose-dive at the turn of the century.

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