I write to register my disappointment over the continued ruin brought by power utility, ZESA’s endless and often unannounced power cuts.

Among sectors worst affected by load shedding are business owners, big and small, who have to make do with reduced production outputs due to recurrent loss of power.

I make particular mention to restaurants and butcheries that depend on electricity to power their refrigerators to preserve perishables.

The health sector, equally, is affected as some hospitals and clinics require constant power supply to keep life support machines running, over and above their routine requirements for electricity.


While indeed, there could be underlying factors that have reduced the power utility’s capacity to restore constant supply of electricity to its consumers, similar consideration should be made that livelihoods are being affected by continued power cuts.

The ruin caused by loss of electricity is also evident in the chaotic movement of vehicular traffic especially in Harare when traffic lights stop functioning, causing an unnecessary congestion.

Traffic jams, for starters, also have a negative bearing on the economy as a whole as productive staff is often delayed on the road while spending less hours at their work stations.

Power cuts have also affected the financial sector with banks and their clients having to lose business as they are frozen off the electronic network provided by the country’s mobile communication firms, Econet, NetOne and TelOne.


One sad part about power cuts is the ridicule they have also brought to our tourism sector.

I refer you to a situation that took place at a Five Star hotel in the centre of Harare recently where guests, among them foreigners, had to use cold water for bathing.

Power cuts have also affected, in a great way, students who attend evening lessons since there will be no electricity and WiFi from the learning centres.

Load shedding has increased risks of robberies at night.

I urge the powers that be to attend to the crisis decisively as the massive damage brought by power cuts is there for all to see.

Gloria Nyakudya, Harare

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