May I thank you for granting me space in your paper to express my appreciation to Delta Beverages for the role the company is playing to uplift our football through continued sponsorship of the Chibuku Super Cup.

The tournament has brought the much-needed thrills to the domestic game as all teams participating in the premier league tend to raise their game and indeed enjoy good chances of clinching the coveted trophy.

Unlike the Independence Day trophy which is an invitational clash between Dynamos and Highlanders based on their large following in the country, the Chibuku Super Cup offers all teams in the premier league a fighting chance for honours.

In the current tournament, a lot remains to be seen how Cranborne Bullets who punched above their weight in their debut season in the premiership will perform this time.


Similarly, I am quite curious to see how Dynamos who seem to have rediscovered their form in the current premiership marathon, can stand up to the competition in the knockout arena.

I would also want to see how Caps United, the so-dubbed Cup Kings, can apply themselves to this challenge as they boast of having, in their line-up, the premiership’s sharpest pair of legs in William Manondo.

The inconsistent Bulawayo pair of Highlanders and Chicken Inn also has a chance to rediscover lost glory through participation in the Chibuku tournament.

Outside the Chibuku Super Cup tournament, I wish sponsors of our beloved game and the football gods could replicate the South African model which encompasses lower tier teams to compete with the big boys in these tournaments.


Apart from being an empowering tool to the lower division teams, it also exposes hidden talent to a national football audience.

More teams and more tournaments in our domestic games is also good compensation to the football loving nation which has seen the country’s teams banned from international football.

Bornwell S (the staunch football lover)

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