LETTER: Govt should bring back grants to assist vulnerable students



I write to express my disaffection with government over its continued failure to attend to many tertiary education students’ plight.

Since government, through the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, scrapped grants, vulnerable students have had to scrounge from all possible sources to fund their education with female scholars often finding themselves selling sex in exchange for money.

That is not all as some students, both sexes, have taken into illegal drug trade to earn money to meet their tuition fees and college upkeep.

The results are dire as this has birthed massive substance abusive within our institutions of higher learning, which, all things being equal, the nation would be looking up to provide direction.


Among the most affected by the dire economic circumstances are students who would be coming from rural setups, and ofcourse students with disability are also in urgent need of even more support.

The challenges confronting the country’s future leaders undertaking their studies in various institutions have led to innumerable challenges at universities and colleges.

Through your paper Editor, I would like to implore government, and more specifically the ministry charged with ensuring our education is reposed on the best pedestal, to restore government grants for the benefit of suffering learners.

Yours faithfully


Mike Sibangani Lungu (UZ student)

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