LETTER: Govt putting half-hearted attempt to resolving Gukurahundi issue


Dear editor

I write to register my displeasure at the apparent half-hearted efforts displayed by government to revisit as well as bring closure to the emotive Gukurahundi atrocities issue almost 40 years after the disturbances.

While the atrocities were a clear genocide waged on a section of the population by a brutal administration, I still feel the dark period brought unnecessary tensions between the country’s two main tribes, the Shona and Ndebele.

Some of the tensions can be felt up to this day.

The least our government could do for now is to allow survivors and the nation at large to talk openly about the massacres as part of the healing process.


While efforts have been made by the current Emmerson Mnangagwa led administration to revisit and possibly remedy the situation, it is regrettable that the least former President Robert Mugabe could do about the dehumanising acts was to issue a casual dismissal of the genocide as a “moment of madness”.

Mugabe was also unrepentant as he also sought to attach blame on the operations of a few dissidents while also dismissing evidence placed before his office by the Catholic Commission on Justice and Peace, among similar sources.

Indeed, the current government seems to have devised its own solutions towards resolving the problem but I strongly feel this would not be enough if the nation is not afforded the opportunity to know what really transpired through a truth and reconciliation process.

A great many of the victims were left homeless and lost other valuable property and their domestic animals and should be compensated as part of a broader post conflict resolution mechanism.


Admittedly, an attempt to bring to justice, perpetrators who live up to this day would be a big ask given that a great many of them still occupy key positions in government and the military, the least that they can do is to own up to the transgressions through apologising.

It is my sincere hope that authorities take heed and not just revisit the Gukurahundi issue as bait for votes when the nation prepares for elections.

Mike Lungu, Harare

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