Passion Java reveals source of his riches      


Controversial prophet and socialite Passion Java has revealed how he makes his money.

In an interview with Dj Ollah 7 on Star FM’s The After Drive on Monday, Passion Java said he was richer than any prophet in Zimbabwe including Emmanuel Makandiwa.

When asked about the source of his money, Passion Java, born Panganai Java said:

My wife is rich. So I enjoy my wife’s cash. Unofanira kuroora zvakangwara. Kuti Kopo! My wife is rich so I enjoy her monies…

Java however clarified that he has been blessed by God such that he does not need to spend his own money. He said that he is money;


But just being honest with you my money is me. I remember one time I was in the States and I was struggling to come to Africa and I wanted to come here with some money and I said let me go with seven thousand in my pocket and God says, “You don’t need to carry your wallet anywhere you go. I’ve given you a blessing wherever you shall go money will follow you.” Sometimes I land in Dubai I get people vandisingazive they pay stuff for me they just give me money. I come here in Zimbabwe, hotel inotondirambidza kana kubhadhara. My friend Brighton wePanJap anongondipa motikari.

He also clarified what he means when he says he is money. Java claimed that he has made millionaires who in turn take care of him. Passion Java said:

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But when I say I am money I have raised many people to become millionaires by my empowerment, my knowledge, my skills and my revelations and those people take care of me.

When asked what his wife Lily Java does, Passion said she will answer for herself when she comes to Zimbabwe on her next visit. iHarare.


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