Chinese doctors conduct free consultations for locals


By Nkosana Dlamini

A team of Chinese specialist doctors seconded to Zimbabwe under a country-to-country arrangement on Friday conducted a free clinic that saw dozens of locals and some Chinese nationals resident in Zimbabwe receive treatment for different ailments.

The event, which took place at the China Africa Economic and Cultural Exchange and Research Centre (CAECERC) in Avondale, Harare also afforded locals the chance to learn more about first aid, Chinese medicine and the famous Chinese acupuncture.

The doctors were administering both western and Chinese medicine on patients.

The China medical team in Zimbabwe, which is made up of 10 doctors currently deployed at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, included a radiologist, paediatrician, cardiologist, general surgeon, urologist, respiratory physician and a traditional Chinese doctor.


Speaking to Zimstar News during the event, CAECERC chairman Steve Zhao said the initiative was meant to afford the less privileged a chance to consult medical doctors without paying anything.

“We called the doctors to come here realising that not everybody has a chance to meet a specialist doctor even to our Chinese community,” Zhao said.

Dr Luo Wen, a general surgeon said, on his own, he managed to attend to up to 20 people who came for the consultation Friday.

One of the doctors attends to a patient

Captain China Medical Team Dr Zhu Wei said his team was happy to provide free medical services to locals.


At a personal level, Dr Wei said he normally attends to up to 30 people per week and was pleased that most of his patients were responding well to his treatments.

CAECERC Deputy General Manager Donald Rushwaya said the initiative was part of several similar ones which have also seen Chinese medical teams conduct mobile vaccination programmes in the country before.

“It is very helpful to us as CAECERC because we understand that our health sector needs more hands.

“Health is a priority for everyone and no one should be left behind in terms of getting access to health care.

“So, we want to applaud the Chinese medical team in Zimbabwe for creating such an initiative which we feel should go to all other areas in Zimbabwe so that communities get free consultation on issues pertaining to their health.”

Captain of the Chinese Medical Team in Zimbabwe Dr Wei attending to a patient

Some of the doctors who were part of the free clinic

The 10 medical practitioners constitute the full complement of Chinese doctors deployed in the country on a government to government agreement.

The current Chinese medical team is the 19th such contingent to be deployed in the country under the same arrangement since independence in 1980.

The doctors are rotated on an annual basis.

Previous engagements with the Chinese medical team have centred on the mobile Covid-19 vaccination exercise.

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