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Ex-NOIC employees dismiss impersonation allegations


By Tendai Marufu

FORMER National Oil Company (NOIC) employees have dismissed allegations that they are impersonating the parastatal’s employees as well as tarnishing the company’s image.

The ex-workers were responding to a statement issued recently by the petroleum parastatal accusing them of convening a press conference wherein they threw the company’s name and reputation into the mud.

However, in a statement, the Zimbabwe Petroleum and Allied Workers Union (ZIPAWU) which represents the employees, set the record straight by dismissing the allegations.

ZIPAWU said they attended the presser to testify on legacy issues which arose after the company management short-changed them by paying for lesser than what was owed in due overtime work performed during their tenure as employees.


“In any case, one wonders what the benefits of portraying one as a NOIC employee are. Does it earn a penny in their pockets? Do they receive any benefit from associating themselves with such a rotten brand?

“Going forward, as ZIPAWU, we are not leaving any stone unturned as we fight the illegal and biased suspension of the ZIPAWU president Mr Samuel Hova, who was suspended from work by NOIC management in a bid to silence corruption at the parastatal,” the union said.

The workers group demanded to know why their union’s president was the only one picked to answer on the 14 March 2022 press statement by NOIC management despite the fact that he was carrying out his legally mandated duty to carry out business for a bona fide union.

They challenged the company to address the corruption allegations raised by ZIPAWU as opposed to focussing on trivial matters.


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