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Bread prices surge to US$2 a loaf


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Bread prices surged again Saturday with a standard loaf now ZWL$636, equivalent to US$2 using the official auction rate of ZWL$308.

Salaries remain stagnant.

The surge in prices of the staple product come on the back of similar increases in April this year.



Posting on Twitter Saturday, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) regretted the impact of the increases on salaries of the ordinary worker, adding it was now up to the workers themselves to turn on their collective power to remedy the recurrent crisis.

“Loaf of bread, $600. Today a teacher’s salary, 33 loaves of bread. Without action and unity of teachers, we will be getting 25 loaves by June payday. Think hard, @zimta01 @ARTUZ teachers. We need to save our members from unnecessary pauperization. It’s time to stop working, NOW,” said PTUZ.

Zimbabwean workers who still earn in local currency bear the brunt of continued price increases as wages remain unchanged.

Businesses have defied government directives to peg their prices using the official exchange rate which remains far lower than the parallel market rate, now above ZWL$500.


Following the latest increase in bread prices, a pro-Zanu PF Twitter handle poked fun at the hike.

“Chingwa muchaita chekugugula kusvika maziva pekuvhotera (Your interaction with bread shall now only be online until you know where to cast your votes),” read the twit.

Government is under pressure to fully dollarise as this is considered the only feasible method now available to tame rampaging prices of goods and services.

But the Zanu PF led administration has remained adamant over the calls.

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