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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) secretary general Chalton Hwende has invited Zimbabweans to contribute at least US$96 000 towards the launch of a purely independent television channel set to beam unbiased poll-based content between now and the coming 2023 elections.

But his invitation was scorned by government spokesperson Nick Mangwana and Zanu PF who both warned this was an opposition attempt to siphon cash out of locals.

Said Hwende via his Twitter handle, “To launch a truly independent channel on DSTV Channel you need monthly fees of around $8000. Let’s do it Zimbabwe we are left with only 12 months before the election so we need $96 000 and we free the Airwaves.”

His comments followed the launch of ZTN Prime Channel, a subsidiary of the ZimPapers, the giant government news empire long accused of bias towards the ruling Zanu PF.


ZTN Prime Channel has been touted as the much-awaited breaker of ZBC’s monopoly, but critics argue it is merely set to mimic the national broadcaster as government retains absolute control over content and its slant.

In comments aimed at quashing Hwende’s suggestions, Mangwana said the television station suggested by the opposition was another scam waiting to happen.

“KUROHWA BAG (this is a scam),” he said.

“Political parties can’t be given a broadcasting license in Zimbabwe.


“The agreement with Multichoice is that they can only carry licensed broadcasters in our jurisdiction.

“So guys the US96000 is your money, you can give it if you wish but there will be no channel.”

However, Hwende insisted the “Citizens TV Station funded and operated by Citizens. Free from ZanuPF propaganda. Hatina kumboti ndeye CCC Party.”

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