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‘Chatunga’ scolds ailing Robert Jnr for walking into Zanu PF witchcraft


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Former President Robert Mugabe’s younger son, Bellarmine Chatunga has hinted at family beliefs the mysterious ailment suffered by his brother, Robert Junior could be an attempt on his life by his late father’s erstwhile allies within Zanu PF.

Robert Junior was taken ill at a Singaporean hospital a couple of days ago with viral images showing him bedridden.

He reportedly suffered a lung disorder in Singapore where he was said to have travelled on business.



His ailment set the rumour mill on overdrive amid suggestions his misfortune could have been induced by family enemies.

Chatunga, the outspoken of the members of the former first family has never shied from speaking his mind, this time scolding his brother for reconnecting with his father’s tormentors.

“Ndakamuudza blaz kt makutambira kunonyudza and now akupazha,” he said in Shona street lingo in which he says he warned his brother for playing into dangerous territory, hence his resultant illness.

He was responding to former minister Walter Mzembi’s lamentations over Junior’s cosying up with his father’s enemies “too early”.


“It was always careless, too soon to trust your own fathers ‘ persecutors cosy up to them with such reckless abandon & think you would be safe in such company. Preserve the family lineage and   cut ✂️ the political adolescence! We pray for wisdom,” Mzembi said.

Robert Junior in March this year made a surprise appearance at a Zanu PF which was presided over by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Chitungwiza.

He was made to chant a Zanu PF slogan and further flaunted before media cameras telling all and sundry his decision to link up with the current Zanu PF crop of politicians was inspired by his desire to continue his father’s legacy.

During his father’s reign, Junior was generally a reclusive character who stayed away from politics, only appearing alongside family members often during national events presided by his father.

Mugabe was toppled November 2017 by long-time right-hand man and Zimbabwe incumbent Mnangagwa.

He did not hide his anger for the betrayal, even declaring to family members he did not want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre, something that would have given his tormentors a chance of speechifying over his corpse.

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