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Police say ‘country normal’ as shutdown flops


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Police deployed heavily in parts of Harare’s CBD and outside amid signs a lot of Zimbabweans failed to heed the call for a national shutdown Monday.

Police have described the situation as normal.

“The ZRP reports that the situation in the country is normal. The public is urged to report anyone trying to intimidate, harass or threaten members of the public who are peacefully conducting their normal day-to-day activities.

“Police is ready to ensure that peace continues to prevail throughout the country,” police said via their official Twitter handle Monday.


Trade unions and student groups called for a national shutdown which was meant for this Monday as a form of protest against the country’s fast deteriorating economic situation under the Zanu PF led regime.

But the situation resembled a normal working day in Harare as commuters were seen going to work with shops open in the CBD.

An indigenous shop owner operating along Mbuya Nehanda street said while he felt the tough economic situation, he did not find the shutdown any helpful to him as an individual.

“While the spirit to shutdown as a way to remind the government to act on the economy is welcome, I still feel it is us the ordinary people who get affected at the end as we depend so much on self-help projects.


“I have outstanding school fees to be paid for my four children and a shutdown for now is not the most sexy proposal to me.

“I would rather express my dissatisfaction with the status quo through voting,” said the business owner.

Some felt shutdowns were no longer affective in the current situation in the country in which a lot now depend on self-help projects for a living.

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