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ED another Mugabe, says Maimane in row with Moyo


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Outspoken former Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has likened President Emmerson Mnangagwa to late predecessor Robert Mugabe, adding that South Africans have a right to speak out against ceaseless misrule up north with dire consequences often spilling into their country.

This followed fierce exchanges he had with exiled former minister Jonathan Moyo who called out the firebrand politician for actively supporting a shutdown call by Zimbabwean groups which are protesting the country’s deteriorating economic situation under the Zanu PF regime.

Said Moyo, “Maimane is a South African politician and an @NDI puppet; he is not a Zimbabwean, to justify his leading role in a #ShutDownZimbabwe campaign. Compatriots who want to be led by or to associate with @MmusiMaimane’s #ShutDownZimbabwe plot should not expect everyone to join them!”

Maimane told Moyo that the Zimbabwean situation had a knock-on effect on South Africans who often have to bear the cost of supporting a delinquent neighbour.


“Every South African should speak about the crisis in Zimbabwe because we are affected daily,” Maimane said.

“We share our neighborhoods, we share our hospitals and clinics. We share our economy.

“Everyone of us should support the end of the oppressive regime including protests and shutdowns.”

Maimane continued, “Tyrannical regimes require silence in order to continue their oppression.

“If South Africa has been honest in 2002 and in 2008 we would have avoided the mass migration that followed. We paid a high price for supporting Mugabe.

“We will not support @edmnangagwa another Mugabe.”

The South African politician added, “We cannot ignore the oppression in Zimbabwe.”

Over a million Zimbabweans are believed to be living in the rich neighbouring country with a great many being undocumented economic refugees.

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