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UZ student debt row draws witchcraft threats


By Marrian Rushwaya

A debt row pitting ex-University of Zimbabwe (UZ) entertainment secretary general Brandon Mazumba and Kudzi Murombedzi has seen the former threatening to call on some African magic to get his money back.

Mazumba, popularly known on campus as Dj Mambo, says he loaned out US$150 in November last year to Murombedzi with conditions the money is returned in full after two weeks plus a top-up of 33.3% interest.

The total amount which was meant to be returned was US$200.

It has turned out Murombedzi is now playing hard to get and to Mazumba’s disappointment, his debtor is often spotted entertaining a group of women while claiming he has not managed to secure the money to clear the debt.


Mazumba took to social media to share his frustrations with Murombedzi, claiming the latter started “ghosting” until the closure of schools in December.

“…l assisted the guy in November last year with $150usd to return in two weeks with interest 33.3% which is up to $200.

“Two weeks later the guy started ghosting, l would call him and he would tell me that he is sorting stuff up,” Mazumba posted in a WhatsApp group.

Mazumba said after the semester break, he tried to reach out to Murombedzi who told him he was admitted at a local hospital for some ailment towards which he diverted the payment.


Subsequent follow-up of the debt also drew blanks at Murombedzi became more elusive by not picking up calls, even gathering temerity to block Mazumba on the latter’s different call numbers he interchanged while trying to reach him.

“…l saw him sometime in March on campus when he came in his black Subaru filled these girls looking ready to party, he saw me and he sped off driving towards Manfred Car Park.

“I ran and followed him and had to stand in front of his car when he saw that l wasn’t moving he then stopped, and he promised that he was going to give me the money the following day of he was going to sell his laptop.”

Mazumba said he has taken the bold decision to expose Murombedzi’s uncivilised nature on a WhatsApp group further declaring to invoke some African magic powers to get his dodgy debtor play ball.

“If he doesn’t bring my money this weekend, he will bring my money crawling while holding it with his lips because l am going to deal with his hands and legs, no hospital will admit him and I will not stop until l expose him, other students must witness it,” he said.

Added Mazumba, “I should not have been naming and shaming him like this but im fed up, I might  not be politically strong as him but I am traditionally fit.”

When contacted for comment, Murombedzi said he had nothing to explain.

“To be honest I have nothing to explain I’m shattered in pieces already,” Murombedzi said.

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