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Minors (5), (11) raped


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A five-year-old infant and a 11-year-old minor were raped in two separate incidents while two women were also raped in secluded places in Harare this week.

In the case of the 11-year-old, police said the suspect was an adult neighbour who preyed on the minor after she had been sent outside to buy some vegetables.

Said the police via their official twitter handle Thursday, “On 20/04/22, ZRP Glenview recorded a rape incident where a minor (11) was raped by a neighbour (male adult) after being sent to buy some vegetables at a nearby market stall.

“The suspect invited the victim into a room and gagged her with a cloth before raping her.


“Similarly, on 19/04/22 at about 1700 hours, an infant (05) was raped by a co-tenant (14) in Ushewekunze, Harare. The suspects lured the victim into his room whilst playing before raping her on a bed.

“The victim’s mother noticed some bloodstains on the complainant’s privates when she was bathing her prompting an investigation.”

In similar incidents involving rape, a 37-year-old woman was raped by a friend who had allegedly lured her to a secluded place where he committed the offence.

Added the police, “The ZRP urges women to avoid going into private or secluded places for meetings or interactions with people who end up abusing them. On 19/04/22, ZRP Budiriro arrested a man (37) for rape after he sexually assaulted his friend (19) 2 High School, Harare.


“The suspect grabbed the complainant’s arm, tripped her down before raping her once.

“Meanwhile, on 20/04/22 at about 0500 hours, a Harare woman (39) was dragged into a maize field and raped by an unknown suspect along Crowborough Road, Warren Park near Mereki Shops whilst looking for transport to the CBD.”

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