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Rights lawyers confront Harare city fathers over uncollected garbage


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The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the Harare City Council to collect mounds of unsightly garbage that lie abandoned in parts of the city or face litigation for apparent dereliction of duty.

The lawyers group revealed it was taking the legal action on its social media handles Tuesday.

“We have given @cohsunshinecity 24 hours to collect refuse in Harare which is creating an eye sore & posing a serious health time bomb & also creating a harmful environment.

“Our lawyers @IdirasheC & @PaidaSaurombe told the Town Clerk that non-provision of refuse collection service lying to @ZLHRLawyers is a classic case of dereliction of duty hence the local authority has failed to discharge its statutory obligations & duties to residents of Harare.


“We told @cohsunshinecity that its failure to provide adequate service delivery in collecting refuse will result in us instituting legal proceedings against the local authority.”

Last year, council was slapped with $800 000 fine by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for failing to collect refuse regularly on designated points in parts of the CBD.

This was the third in a single year the authority had been fined for non-collection of refuse and failure to remove illegal dumps in areas which include the CBD, Mbare, Budiriro among some areas.


Problems of uncollected garbage are not new to Harare and have been attributed to inadequate equipment for refuse collection which has resulted in the accumulation of uncollected garbage in open spaces and illegal dumbing.

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