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AWOL judge Mushore faces sack as ED finally acts


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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed a tribunal to inquire into High Court judge Edith Mushore’s possible removal from the bench following nine continuous months of the jurist’s mysterious absenteeism from work without official leave.

The tribunal is being chaired by retired Justice Maphios Cheda.

According to Statutory Instrument 68 of 2022, the tribunal will present its findings after five months.

The absentee judge’s immediate employers, the Judicial Service Commission has said it does not know her whereabouts.


JSC Secretary Walter Chikwana said earlier this year that Mushore’s case was before the commission.

“Justice Mushore’s absenteeism case is now before the commission. Since June 14, the judge never reported for duty…the commissioners are set to deliberate on the issue and map the way forward,” Chikwana at the time.

Mushore last reported for duty June 14 last year and has not given any formal explanation for the absenteeism.

Judges cannot be absent from work for three days without official leave.


If they are unwell, they are required to present a doctor’s report so they could be granted sick leave.

High Court judge Justice Edith Mushore has not reported for duty for seven months and the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is now set to put in place the procedure required to determine her suitability to continue as a judicial officer.

The JSC secretariat has referred the absenteeism case to the commissioners.

Efforts by her superiors in the judiciary to get an explanation from Justice Mushore, and invitations for her to send her driver with a doctor’s report, have been in vain and no one from the JSC has been able to gain admittance to her home.

The Judge President of the High Court has since allocated Mushore’s cases to other judges to ensure the litigants get justice within reasonable time.

Mushore is attached to the Family Law Court at the High Court.

She was one of the judges who ruled last year that Luke Malaba had ceased to be Chief Justice upon reaching mandatory retirement age.

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