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Poll victors CCC will not draw a penny from govt


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Despite producing an astounding victory in its election debut March 26, cash-strapped Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will not get a penny from government under the Political Parties Finance Act as the law is stingy on actors joining the bandwagon late.

Reconstituted as CCC weeks before the polls, the Nelson Chamisa led opposition won 19 of the 28 contested parliamentary seats in what has been described by some as a mini-general election, placing it in good stead to earn a government windfall.

The Political Parties Finance Act prescribes financing on parties with at least 5 percent of the national vote in general elections.

Legal lobby, Veritas also explained the position in an interview with Zimstar News.


“In terms of Section 3(3) of the Political Parties Finance Act, entitlement to funds is for a political party that would have garnered 5% of the total votes cast at ‘the most recent general election’,” Veritas media and communications officer Valentine Maponga said.

“A general election under the circumstances may not mean the same as a by-election but necessary adjustments may be made to parties already qualifying in terms of new percentages.

“Qualification only starts to kick in after a general election.”

Then a faction of the MDC Alliance that won seats in the 2018 harmonised elections, CCC was denied government funding by the Zanu PF led authority after losing a court battle to be recognised as the legitimate MDC.


The faction turned to party members and some well-wishers to finance its operations which included recent campaigns for by-elections.

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