Musician Donald reveals lady fan stalking him


Singer Donald has a fan that is doing just a bit too much. The singer is known to have a friendly relationship with his fans but it seems one lady is starting to become a stalker.

Donald explained that the lady has been following him at all his gigs in the Nelspruit area. The fan makes sure that she interacts with Donald at his shows. She even brings him presents and forces a conversation to happen.

“There’s a lady who’s been following me at every gig I do in the Nelspruit area. She finds her way into the VIP 😭 brings presents and forces to have a 1 on 1 conversation with me,” he shared.

Donald shared that he is starting to feel unsafe because of the obsessed fan and is uncertain of how to handle the situation.

“I’m honestly starting to feel unsafe,” revealed Donald.


One fan suggested that Donald gets his management to talk to the fan and call her into order about her behaviour.

“As unfortunate as this is, maybe get your management to talk to her. Tell her that you appreciate the support and gifts but it feels a little overwhelming to you. And you’d appreciate if she continued to enjoy the music without doing all the extra stuff,” said @Yeahthatsmynam2.

While the matter is a serious one, some of his followers couldn’t help but make light of Donald having a stalker.

“We laughing because it’s a guy that’s being harassed/stalked but anyway continue having double standards,” said @zwa098.


Celebrities having stalkers is nothing uncommon and many often opt to turn to the police in order to get them off their backs. IOL

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