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Turncoat Blessing Chebundo threatens to expose Chamisa ‘dirty’ secrets


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Former MDC politician turned Zanu PF loyalist, Blessing Chebundo has issued a muted threat to expose Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s “dirty secrets” if his erstwhile comrades and their followers continue mocking his shock decision last year to ditch the opposition’s ranks for Zanu PF.

Chebundo and a handful of former MDC politicians produced the proverbial political bombshell last year by forming a beeline to join the enemy.

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But their daring decision to seek fresh companionship in the midst of a once bitter enemy has invited scorn from mainly CCC supporters who accuse the founding Kwekwe MDC legislator of selling out.


Amid the ridicule, Chebundo Saturday appeared to be threatening to expose the Nelson Chamisa led opposition’s skeletons to even things up.

“Our erstwhile friends in the opposition are marking us instead of having eyes on the ball. There are lots of dirty secrets and acts I know in the CCC and the smear campaign on myself in person and those Cdes who also rejoined Zanu Pf. My choice was personal & should be respected,” Chebundo said via his Twitter handle.


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