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CCC demands new voters’ roll ahead of by-elections


By Sarah Busangabanye

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has demanded Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to produce a new voters’ roll based on the one that was used in 2018 before the country holds by-elections 26 March this year.

This came after the CCC discovered that there is massive displacement of people from their previous polling stations while some have unknown addresses.

“413 people registered in Harare East on the voters roll but their addresses are indicated ‘unknown’ yet there should be a valid address for one to vote; how did that happen,” party deputy secretary for elections Ellen Shiriyedenga said at a party press conference in Harare Wednesday.

Therefore, the voters roll is in a state that cannot be used in the coming by-elections; it should reflect the aspiration of the people.


She said ZEC should adhere to the delimitation boundaries used in 2018.

Speaking at the same event, party spokesperson Fadzai Mahere said, “We demand a credible voters roll. ZEC has fallen disastrously short in this regard and there should be media reform.”

She also said every political party should be given an opportunity to campaign and be covered in a manner that is satisfactory to everyone.

ZEC should also collaborate with the Registrars General Office’s as stated by the Electoral Act so as to ensure that they synchronize their respective databases as they relate to the potential eligibility of the voters in Zimbabwe.


Mahere said over two million Zimbabwean youths wanted to vote but had no identity documents, a key requirement for one to be eligible to cast their votes.

Shiriyedenga said party candidates were not granted the opportunity to inspect samples of ballot papers.

“What if there are errors because our candidates were not granted the opportunity of proof-reading information on the ballot papers,” she said.

She demanded “security of polling material, security of the vote and voter”.

She also demanded an end to political violence she linked on party rivals Zanu PF.

“The spilling of blood shed by Zanu PF, running of ZBC and state propaganda should stop.”

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